Friday, July 27, 2012

More beagles need homes: This week's featured shelter dogs

UPDATE: Good news and bad news. Tyler got adopted! Unfortunately the nine-month-old puppy at Orange County Animal Services had to be euthanized because of parvo. The rest of the dogs are still up for adoption.

I made sure to call this week to check up on last week's featured rescue dogs. I'm happy to report that Highway, Caleb, Gypsy and Buddy were all adopted in the last week! Not saying I had anything to do with it, but I'm glad to hear that these dogs are finding homes.

The one dog still waiting for a new home is Tuson:

Tuson is still at Seminole County Animal Services. Click on the link for contact information, 

And there are plenty of other beagles looking for homes. Many of them have sad stories,

Take Tyler:

This 9 and a half year old boy is at the Sanford SPCA because his family got divorced and could no longer take care of him. He had two other beagle friends at the Sanford SPCA. They are:


And Max:

Information on all three of these dogs can be found at the SPCA of Central Florida website.

Meanwhile, in Orlando, we have two young beagles at Orange County Animal Services. Both do not have names:

There's this 9 month old puppy, who goes by Animal ID: A241225. Then there's this poor one-year-old boy, who has tested for heartworm positive. He's listed by Animal ID: A239901. No just because a dog is heartworm positive does not mean he is too far gone. If they catch it early enough he can be saved. But treatments can be quite expensive.

To find out more about both dogs, contact Orange County Animal Services.

As always, check out to find more beagles and other breeds in need of rescue in our area.

You can also check out these beagle rescue groups:

As always, you can also find more beagles for adoption at the following websites:

First Coast Beagle Rescue -- Jacksonville, FL
Southeast Beagle Rescue -- Tampa, FL
Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue -- Tampa, FL
Ziggy Beagle Rescue -- Palm Bay, FL 

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