Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're back! Lulu the beagle is back to blogging

We've been gone for a month while getting some things together. We survived Tropical Storm Debby and a week stuck inside, and she has survived her first vet appointment in that time. We also have a new friend.

There's been a lot of this the last month for Lulu. I had to reschedule her vet appointment, which means she couldn't get a heartworm check, or pills. So I've been avoiding bringing her to the doggy park. On top of that, Tropical storm Debby, while not that terrible, did make a muddy mess of the little doggy run area we have at my apartment complex. So she has been stuck inside the last few weeks -- not the best place for a beagle.

The good news is yesterday at the vet she tested heartworm negative. Today she got her distemper shot because they wanted to make sure she had benadryl in her system (if you remember, she had a bad reaction to her rabies shot back in April). She is now cleared for doggy park fun!

Meanwhile, we'll be talking soon about Lulu's new buddy:

This is Cappy. And he and Lulu definitely have some jealousy issues.

Some announcements:

SPCA of Central Florida is in need of dog and cat food and kitty litter. If you can help, please contact the shelters in either Sanford or Orlando, via their website: http://www.ohs-spca.org/

Don't forget to check the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, where there are lots of dogs hoping to be as lucky as Lulu and Cappy. Find them here: http://www.ocfl.net/?tabid=221

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  1. welcome back!! ohhhh Cappy is soooo cute!!! Hoping Lulu is back on her heartworm to keep her safe!

  2. She is, thanks! Got her first pill yesterday. I think we're gonna try the doggy park tomorrow morning before I have to go to work.


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