Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woof Wednesday -- Meet some Central Florida beagles who need good homes

UPDATE to this post: Checked Thursday, 7/26. Every dog but Tuson has been adopted! Not saying I had anything to do with it, but if you know someone who adopted one of these beautiful beagles, please let me know.

Last week I introduced you to Molly and Frankie. I haven't seen an update on on Frankie yet, and he is no longer on Petfinder, so I'm hoping he found a home. Molly is still in her foster home, recovering from surgery.

But here's a bunch of adult and senior beagles in my home area (Central Florida) who need a good home.

At Seminole County Animal Services in Sanford, we have Highway:

And Tuson:

These three senior beagle boys are all waiting for a good home. Older beagles are much easier to take care of, and beagles in general can live a long time. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave an animal a comfortable life in their golden years.

You can find out how to adopt one of these boys at Seminole County Animal Services. They also have four mixed breed beagles available.

At the SPCA of North Brevard in Titusville, Florida, we have Gypsy:

Poor Gypsy's owner had to give the dog up when she lost her home. North Brevard County has been hit particularly hard by the recession and the loss of the space shuttle program. Gypsy is 7 years old and she looks very sweet. It says she's actually a beagle mix, but doesn't say what the other breed is. 

Contact SPCA of North Brevard at 321-267-8221 option 3.

And up in Volusia County, we have Buddy:

Poor Buddy has been waiting for a while to be adopted. He was at Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, but he was moved to Southeast Volusia Humane Society in New Smyrna Beach in the hope that he would have a better chance. He is 5 years old, and you can find him at Southeast Volusia Humane Society at 386-428-9860.

As always, you can also find more beagles for adoption at the following websites:

First Coast Beagle Rescue -- Jacksonville, FL
Southeast Beagle Rescue -- Tampa, FL
Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue -- Tampa, FL
Ziggy Beagle Rescue -- Palm Bay, FL

And don't forget to check out for more rescue groups throughout the United States.

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