Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuson the beagle -- stuck in a shelter for more than a month

UPDATE: Sad to hear today that Tuson has kennel cough. He's in quarantine at Seminole County Animal Services while they treat him. He still needs a home, but he won't be able to get one now until he's better. According to the ASPCA, it could take up to six weeks for him to get better, because he is an older dog.

I'm hoping he gets better soon. He deserves a home, just like every animal waiting in a shelter.
This is Tuson, and he still needs a home! I've been featuring him on my blog every week for over a month now. I've seen older dogs at his shelter go to forever homes. But Tuson still remains:

He's 7 years old, weighs 38 pounds, and is already neutered. Tuson's ready to go home, as long as that home doesn't have small kids, apparently. That's the only blemish against him. He looks like a beautiful boy.To find out how to adopt him, contact Seminole Animal Services at 407-665-5201, but again, he can't be adopted until he gets better.

If you adopt him this weekend, the fees are only $10. Micro-chipping is included.

At least a month in an animal shelter is no way for a nice dog like this to live. He deserves a home. They all deserve a home, but today I hope to help him. I'd take him myself, but I can't.

Seminole County Animal Services is  also taking part in the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge. They are trying to get 300 more animals adopted out than they did last year. So by adopting Tuson, you're also helping the shelter.

Tuson is not the only dog at the shelter. An older beagle was brought in this week, even older than Tuson. He does not have a picture up yet, or a name. But if you head to the shelter in Sanford, you'll be able to check them out. 

And, as always, you can find more adoptable animals in Central Florida by going to


  1. He looks a lot like my Molly, I adopted her in Michigan, if I lived in Florida I would be adopting him for sure,what a sweetie

  2. If I lived in a house, I'd take him. He's older, and lulu could use a friend. But I'm in an apt, and it's too small for two dogs and a cat and me.

  3. Oh my goodness... so handsome!


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