Thursday, September 27, 2012

CALLING ALL RESCUES: Pennsylvania beagles from murder scene still need homes

Earlier this month I wrote about 51 beagles taken from the scene of a murder in Pennsylvania. Well many of those beagles still need help, and so does the shelter that's caring for them.

This week I spoke with Dara Coslett-Granza, executive director for the Dessin Animal Shelter in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

She says the shelter actually pulled SIXTY-ONE beagles from the home! They kept finding dogs after the initial seizure... right up until last weekend. They range in ages from a few weeks to 10 years (See Claude) .

The good news is all of the dogs are healthy, and some have already been adopted. Many of them were the adult beagles. There are still 36 dogs left in the shelter's care, a shelter that was already over capacity. That includes 25 puppies.

Now some of these are in foster care, but they need more fosters, and more volunteers.

If you can help, please consider contacting the Dessin Animal Shelter. They need all the help they can get to care for these pups.

If you can help in anyway, email the shelter at, or call them at 570-253-4037.

The shelter is located on 138 Miller Drive in Honesdale, PA, zip code 18431. Check out the website at

The pictures in this post are all of the beagles who were seized.


  1. I tweeted and shared on Dakota's Facebook page

  2. I would adopt but I am in Arizona. I have done rescue for years and have 2 beagles now. Transport is usually an issue unless animals are already in a rescue group but should it come to that, I would be willing.

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