Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Barkbox and Sherlock Homes: Unboxing video

Who has a Barkbox account?

We signed up in December, and we especially love this month's theme. So much so that we are going to unbox it for you right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

In Lulu's words: The Easter Beagle returns

Hello, everyone, Lulu here.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. As you can see, I am the Easter Beagle. Again.

This year, though, I'm not giving mom a hard time about it.

For one thing, she did try something different. She bought these giant eggs, and was going to have the cat hatch out of one.

But Galadriel wasn't in the mood, no matter how much food mom put in the egg.

Today, Mom decided to buy some plants for Easter.  Vegetables and things, she says. She was carrying this big bag of fancy dirt through the house to the backyard, and all of a sudden she screamed and dropped everything and was freaking out!

There was a bug on her. A big ugly bug. The kind Mom is really scared of.

So she had to kill the scary bug, and get the bag outside, and there was another one in the bag. So she dumped the bag in the garden and was running all freaked out. Then she jumped in the shower. She was all hot and sweaty, but she was really freaked out about the bug being on her. Which I get. I don't like bugs on me.

And now, she has a migraine. And none of us fur-kids want to play with these Peeps things she bought us at Pet Smart.

So I decided to be a good Easter Beagle this year. No complaints about the ears. Mom deserves a break. She's a good Mom, even if she is a little crazy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All dogs are puppies on National Puppy Day

This is Lulu as a puppy.

This was taken in 2010, a couple months after she was adopted.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

9 great dog companies we found at Global Pet Expo: Day 1

It's Global Pet Expo week!

Thousands of pet companies from all over the world are showing their new and popular products.

Here are 9 our favorites from day 1 of Global Pet Expo.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beagles at the ballpark: How to take your dog to a baseball game this summer

Take your dog to the ball game, take your dog to the parks!

Buy them a hot dog, no Cracker Jacks.

Grab their leash tight at the crack of the bat.

And it's AROOOOOO! AROOO for the home team

If they don't win it's a shame!

Cuz it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game!

It's baseball season! Spring training is underway for one of America's grandest past times, and the season will open soon enough.

Dogs Days at baseball games
Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays.
In the last few years, man's best friend has joined forces with Major League Baseball. Baseball teams have hosted Dog Days and Bark at the Park events across the country. And 2016 is no exception!

Monday, March 7, 2016

5 things to know about dogs and sleep

NOTE: Serta and Branded Pet Beds are proud sponsors of Life With Beagle's Lulu's Favorite Things campaign, benefiting Harbor House of Central Florida. The 2016 Paws for Peace  walk is this April. Join and help fight domestic abuse.

UPDATE: The giveaway ended March 15, 2016.

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week.

So how aware are you of how your dog sleeps?

Here's 5 things to know about dogs and sleep.

sleeping dogs and a giveaway