Monday, March 19, 2012

Lulu the Beagle's enemy No. 1: the squirrel

I got Lulu as a watchdog, to warn me when there's unwanted company.

Unfortunately, that includes squirrels. Even at 6 or 7 in the morning. 

When she's outside, she has to chase the squirrels. She'll forget about what she's supposed to do when she's outside, especially if she thinks she can catch a squirrel. It hasn't happened yet. 

Take today. There was a squirrel on the fence at the doggy park at the apartment complex. She practically tried to climb it! 

And she'll sniff it out long after the squirrel is gone:

Beagles are trained hunters, and especially hares. We don't have any of those around, but we have lots of squirrels. I sometimes wonder what would happen if she caught one, but honestly, I think the squirrels are faster than she is. I sometimes wonder if they're even laughing at her.

That, and the desire to let her catch one in the hopes she gets it out of her system, led me to get one of these:

I found it at Publix Supermarkets for $5.49. And it has squeakers in the head and tail. 

The minute Lulu saw it, it was in trouble.

I've tied a string to it, and every once in a while I'll let the squirrel out and let her chase it around and eventually catch it. 

Here's hoping it calms her down. Sick of being woken up because a squirrel got a nut outside.

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  1. Your dog is adorable! I have a beagle with similar coloring. We just moved to a house with a big backyard, and the squirrels are extremely entertaining for my dog. She spends all day outside waiting for them to appear.


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