Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 2: Diary of Lulu in a Thundershirt

To read Day One, Go Here.


First, I had to get Lulu's Thundershirt back on. Fortunately she seemed to like the idea. She came right over, sat and stood for me very well with tail wagging. I just hope I got it back on right.

So I took her out to the park in my apartment complex to see how she would react to her surroundings. On the way she was barked at by one of the neighborhood dogs on their patio. She didn't respond. That's a good thing, but since she rarely does respond to a dog barking at her from the patio, I don't know what that means.

Walked her back, not much for her to respond to. When I went to work, I took her out. A guy came around on a skateboard -- no barking. That's good. Normally Lulu would bark. Another guy walked around in dark clothes -- kind of suspicious. Lulu barked at him. I think that was bound to happen. It was dark out and she couldn't see him well. So after two days, the jury is still out on the Thundershirt.

One more thing she did do, before I left for work:

Good thing the Thundershirt is machine-washable.

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