Thursday, January 3, 2013

Diary of Lulu in a Thundershirt, Day 5

To read Day 4, click here.

Lulu took the morning walk to the park in the Thundershirt and did ok. She whined and barked a little at one of the neighborhood dogs that was barking at her, but nothing major. Oh, and no luck with passing golf carts yet again.

On the second walk I took Lulu in the opposite direction. We did have a little trouble with another neighborhood dog -- a big dog that often barks at her from the balcony.

 Then we went by that house with the dog Lulu met yesterday to the doggy in the window was the other pet in the household, definitely a boxer. The dog followed her around, but she and Lulu -- for once -- didn't bark at each other.

   Oh... and another day of grass rolling. This time though... I got video. Enjoy!


  1. Love the rolling! My dog, Mort, is presently barking at the sound (I think he thinks Lulu is in the house...) Maybe I should go grab his thundershirt, which is hot pink!

    OK, showed him the video and I think he's blushing under that fur.

  2. Lulu sure is having fun there...It reminded me of an embarrassing video of Gizmo doing "pushups"...i've got to track that one down...


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