Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I don't like my dog's Frito feet! But it's not a problem

I finally did what everyone has been telling me to do: I smelled Lulu's feet.

And there's a faint whiff of corn chip.

Yes -- my dog has Frito Feet.

I hate Fritos. I think it has something to do with childhood. I don't like the smell or the taste of corn chips (I don't like Bugles either).

"Frito Feet" seems to be the technical term, by the way. Lots of dog people I met have talked about it. And they LOVE it!

What causes Frito Feet? It's kind of a fungus that lives on dogs and cats. But when you have a dog that's been walking on their feet (and in the Florida summer, sweating between the pads, because that's where dogs sweat), sometimes the smell is a little strong there.

Is Frito Feet a problem? Not really, unless the smell is overpowering and a bit gross. That could mean there's a bigger problem.

How do you deal with it? Well, you see that fur between the pads? Try to keep that trim. That will keep the smell from getting worse. Also, regularly clean your dog and keep the pads dry.

I don't like the smell -- but I guess I can live with Frito Feet.

Do you LOVE your dog's Frito Feet? Comment below, and Happy National Corn Chip Day!


  1. I love Frito feet! And lately, I find that the top of Leo's head smells like tortillas. A much softer scent though.

  2. Was it really National Corn Chip Day? What a perfect post for that!

    It's so funny how "Frito Feet" is an actual thing.

  3. Yup! I'd been looking for an excuse to do a Frito Feet post, so when I saw that I said "today's the day!"

  4. I've never heard of Frito Feet! Too cool!

  5. The smell doesn't really bother me. However, if the smell of my dog's paws worsen, I'll definitely try the things in this post.

  6. I love chili cheese fritos and I love the smell of Frito feet!

  7. I absolutely love their frito feet. I don't know if anyone else notices it but it gets stronger when they are in a loving mood. Like when my girl comes up for hugs and pets, it seems to come off the top of her head. I love that the most. P.s. I purposely smell their feet when sleeping


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