Monday, February 3, 2014

BlogPaws Nose to Nose awards: Help me pick a post to nominate

Lulu and I are looking through old posts to nominate for award season.

It's BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards season!

Right now, people are nominating bloggers for Best Dog Blog, or Best Video, or Best Microblogger, that sort of thing.

I would like to submit a post for Best Blog Post. And I'm asking for your help.

Lulu, Galadriel and I are considering the following. Please take a quick look at these posts and tell me which I should submit:
  1. Celebrate a Florida Christmas with your dog
  2. Getting a dog for Christmas: Four things to consider
  3. How your dog can have Thanksgiving dinner with the family
  4. Canine diabetes: Can you prevent it?
  5. Products to make diabetes easier for pets
  6. 5 steps to take when your dog eats something bad
  7. Cold tail, limp tail, beagle tail: What is it? What should you do about it?
  8. You know your dog is a beagle if... The beagle nose
  9. When China gets in the way: Origins' cruelty-free problem
  10. Puppy Cake doggy cake mix review -- sort of
Please help me with this. COMMENT BELOW and let me know which posts you like best. Thanks!

And: if you are interested in nominating me or another blog for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards, here's what you need to know:

 Nominating period is open through Wednesday, Feb. 12.

You need my full name: Christie Zizo
You need my email address:

Here are the categories:



  1. I think the best one is You know your dog is a Beagle if::the beagle nose.I enjoyed this Blog as I am a beagle owner as well:)

  2. I love #8 You know Your Dog is a Beagle if! Hilarious. But seriously you provide so much useful information for other dog owners I think you are a great candidate for Best Dog Blog.

  3. As a new beagle owner, posts like "What To Do If Your Dog Eats Something Bad" are the exact kinds of things I turn to dog blogs for! But the Thanksgiving post was also adorable!


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