Saturday, March 21, 2015

10 Doggy rules for a dog park

Welcome to the Dog Park.

There are lots of rules humans should know about: no violent dogs, no food, all dogs need to be up-to-date on vaccinations, clean up after your dog, etc.

But the dogs have rules too. Our dogs have come up with some rules you should make sure your dogs follow.

1. To say hello, sniff a butt. This is totally normal, don't be scared.

2. Go potty first and foremost. That way you don't have to stop in the middle of a run.

3. Some parks have dirt spots. These are especially good when it's hot out. You can dig a hole and sit in it and be nice and cool. Just be sure to fill it back up.

4. There are big metal things that water comes out of. Sometimes the humans fill up buckets for us. Those buckets are for drinking water -- NOT TO STAND IN.

5. Sometimes you'll see something on the ground that you'll want to eat. It might smell good, but don't eat anything your human doesn't give you. Some people do bad things, and you don't want a tummy ache or a visit to the vet.

6. But there is lots of smelly stuff. Take it all in.

7. And sometimes, there's stuff smelly enough to roll in! But whether there is or there isn't, be sure to get a good roll in.

8. You'll meet other doggies to play with. But be nice and don't play too hard.

9. And if you see dogs playing rough, it's best to stay outside the fight... and let your human know!

10. And when your human says it's time to go home, be sure to catch up with them.

Have fun!


  1. those are some great rules! Since Dakota often isn't a "fan" of other dogs (particularly small dogs), we don't "do" the dog park. Our vet is opposed to them too, he says many dogs that frequent them are not vaccinated. I DO wish we had a "Doggy Beach" like our friends Eko and Penny have that we see on their blog. Happy Sunday!

    1. I understand it's not for everyone. I've been lucky in that many of the parks in Orlando have people who are really good with caring for their dogs.

  2. Awwwwww....I really enjoyed that. My companion and I go to the beach everyday....where the same rules apply. My girl gives me gray hair every time she eats something that she found. It's sad that there are people who don't care about leaving their trash and that there are people who do bad things. Great list!!!

  3. Great post; it makes me miss going to the dog park. Having so many dogs, the dog park is a miserable experience as I try to keep up with 4 dogs - so we make our house the dog park and have a blast. Maybe we'll start inviting friends :)

    1. That's one way to get that social interaction in. You always have to worry about the pups becoming insular.


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