Monday, April 20, 2015

Your dogs will beg for Rocky's Rollers by Jones: REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

Jones Natural Chews is a proud sponsor of Life With Beagle and Lulu's Favorite Things, our annual fundraising campaign for Harbor House of Central Florida. Although we received compensation for the post, my opinions are my own -- and so are Lulu's. 

How much does Lulu like Rocky's Rollers?

We first heard about these new treats from Jones Natural Chews while visiting their booth at Global Pet Expo. They gave me a sample -- long lamb sausage links. I gave one each to Lulu and Jasmine that week. Lulu did something I'd never seen before -- she pulled it from Jasmine's mouth!

What are Rocky's Rollers?

Lulu barely gave me a chance to take photos, always stealing a bite!
Rocky's Rollers are long sausage links.They come in three flavors: lamb, beef and chicken. They're soft and easy to chew, and they're easy tear apart and use as training treats.

These particular rollers were lamb. And the first ingredients are lamb and lamb lung. The ingredients are all natural, made in the U.S.A. Jones Natural Chews has been in the meat business for a very, very long time. Family butchers since 1850! And they are family-run out of Rockford, IL.

So how much does Lulu love Rocky's Rollers?

Yeah. You'll need to keep them under lock and key.

Find Jones Natural Chews at a boutique/natural pet shop near you, or you can order online at They have all kinds of great pet chews, from bones to lamb lungs and wind pipes to sausage chews. 

So do you want to win some for your dog? Here's your chance!

Jones is giving away a package of Rocky's Rollers. Just enter through the Rafflecopter below. MANDATORY: Sign up for Life With Beagle's monthly mailing list.

Giveaway is open to viewers in the U.S. only, sorry. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Yum yum! Jones is one of Luna's favorites too. Nice taste Lulu!
    -Jessica from Beagles & Bargains

  2. Olivia's favorite treats are anything chicken flavored. She loves it. We have not yet tried a Jones Chew but I am sure she would love to try one.

  3. Galen loves hot's one of the few food things he'll work for.

  4. Flea gave my boys lamb lung puffs and they would do just about anything for those. I am positive they would love these!
    Taylor Tromp

  5. Our dogs like the biscuits.

  6. My dog is not picky at all - if it's edible (and even sometimes if it's not) he wants it!

  7. I have 2 adopted pup and they love weiners and Rawhide treats the best.. so Nicole Bowers

  8. right now he loves these new minties

  9. My dog's favorite treats are chicken jerky and hot dogs. She's gotten pretty picky lately but I know that she would love these treats.

  10. My dogs favorite treat is rawhide.

  11. My dogs' favorite treats are jerky, dentabones, and anything with cheese or peanut butter.

  12. I have 2 dogs, Dutch and Louie. Louie loves to chew on bones and Dutch loves treats that are softer and chewier.

  13. Our dogs' favorite treat is Greenies dental chews.

  14. My dogs love sweet potato chips.


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