Sunday, August 2, 2015

REVIEW: Get cool pups with Portacool

DISCLAIMER: Portacool provided the unit to be reviewed.

The calendar may say August. But summer doesn't end just because the kids may be getting ready to go back to school. And the heat doesn't end in the South just because he calendar changes. Keeping cool is still important, especially for your pet.
Portacool makes portable cooling units. Yup, you heard right! This big black box is like a giant air conditioner on wheels, (except it's not, it's an evaporative cooling unit. Not the same) and it can keep you and your pets quite cool outside. 

My friend Lee Allport used three of these units, including this Cyclone 3200, at her outdoor vow renewal. In June. But these units kept her whole party cool. You can read her review to find out how. 

The Portacool is easy to use, and when empty it's easy to move.

First, fill the unit with water, direct from your regular garden hose. It's a 16-gallon reservoir. The water gets evaporated, cooling the air from the unit.

Then, plug it into an electrical outlet.  You can adjust the fan with the side controls.

The air comes out nice and cold. It's not "blow beagle ears up strong," but it is very cool nonetheless.

One unit can cool some 700 square feet. Imagine how you can use this around your home (NOTE: Not for an enclosed space like your house)?

Or better yet, imagine how pet businesses can use them: for outdoor events, for pet sitting and boarding kennels? Or maybe for rescues? It's a great way to keep pets cool!

There are some drawbacks: the units can be heavy once there's water. This particular unit can't be used in closed spaces (other units can). But you can use it in garages when the doors are open, or in the backyards.

Also, you need to have an electrical outlet. But you can manually fill the reservoir, so you don't need a garden hose.

You can get the Portacool units at Home Depot or Lowes or Tractor Supply.

Stay cool, folks!


  1. Hmmm, I was going to ask if it is heavy. I could've used one of those on my last camping trip to cool the tent!

    1. When empty it wasn't heavy, just cumbersome. When you add the water it gets heavy. They have less powerful units.


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