Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun with Vine: New video app fun for humans and dogs alike

There's a new video app that allows you to create fun little videos. And it's free.

It's called Vine.

The app taps into your phone and lets you make little seven second videos. How creative can you get in seven seconds? You would be surprised.

Check out this video I made, called:

"Just Experimenting" (click that link to play the video)


What do you think? Kind of fun!

Here's how it works:

This is what your record page looks like. The green bar up top represents the length of the video. To record, just hold your finger down on the image. You can hold it down up to the end of the video.

What makes it so much fun though is that you can take your finger off the image whenever you want, as often as you want. So if you look at the "Just Experimenting" video, I stopped and started the same clip five times. And it created that cool stop motion effect.

You then have the option to share it on Vine, which has its own social networking setup (even already has a Pets category!), and share on Twitter and Facebook. In order to get a link to share on your blog, you need to share it on Twitter or Facebook right now.

Also right now it seems to only be available on iPhone, but if it takes off, you can be sure there will be Droid capability soon. 

What else could you do with this video? Think about it and give it a shot if you have an iPhone!

I leave you with one more video, (again, click the link):

Lulu vs. the Peanut Butter   

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  1. I couldn't figure out how to play the video to see yours playing :(

    1. So the video didn't show up when you clicked the link? Ugh.

  2. It worked for me when I clicked the link. (After I tried the pic first)
    I love this app. So cute, and one more way to share our pups with the world. Thank you for sharing. Great find!

  3. Vine looks like a lot of fun! And it sounds much easier than trying to record, edit, upload, and then share a video. Hopefully, they have it for Android soon!


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