Monday, March 18, 2013

FURminator deshedding tool -- REVIEW, plus Amazon sale

Believe it or not, Lulu sheds.

We are not talking Chow shedding, or even Labrador Retriever shedding, but she does shed and it gets everywhere. Little white and black hairs (I've yet to find brown hairs).

My trainer says FURminator makes the best grooming products on the market. So we put it to the test.

 This is the FURminator short hair shedding tool for a medium sized dog. How you can tell -- the orange represents the size, the blue, the short hair.

The comb part is stainless steel, made up of dozens of tiny, close-set teeth. The blue part helps you get the hair off the brush. It connects to the blue button on the back, which pushes the blue piece, and the hair off.

 A downward stroke gets the fur off the dog. You aren't going to brush like you would with a regular slicker though. You should use this like you would a rake. You should be picking up hair that is going to be shedded, especially that undercoat.

When you are ready, push the blue button. The fur comes off in easy to clean-up clumps (this looks like a caterpillar, huh?).

This part I particularly like. I remember brushing my brother's chow, and the fur would come off and fly everywhere. This is much better.

  • Solid tool, well-built. I've been kicking it around in the house the last couple of weeks and it's very sturdy.
  • Easy clean-up. I love this part. The fur makes such neat clumps, so easy to pick up and throw away.
  • Makes Lulu's fur shinier and softer. It is definitely worth keeping her groomed.
  • More important: Lulu likes it! She loves it when I pull the brush out, she loves the feel of the brush, it doesn't seem to bother her at all.
  • The price. This particular tool retails for about $55. Ouch. Very expensive.
  • Made in China. If that's important to you, you should know that. 
This week, Amazon and their sellers are selling FURminators for much, much cheaper. For instance, this tool for medium, short-haired dogs is only $21. Find the whole search list on AMAZON here.

DISCLAIMER: I received a deshedding tool from FURminator to review.


  1. Great review! We use a furminator for our cat, Cody, and he LOVES it!

    1. Is there a big difference between the furminator for the cats and for the dogs?

  2. I had no idea that beagles shed as much as they do until I found Luna hair everywhere this winter! We just use the Kong brush since it was so cheap and I try to give her regular baths (although she hates them!)

    1. I find the FURminator works better than even the baths. Plus she likes this better.

  3. FURminators are amazing, but for the price, I find a five dollar undercoat rake is nearly as effective. My pups have way too much long hair, so we brush quite a bit, and the rake only takes about a minute to remove a ton of hair.

  4. I've been curious as how well these work. It looks like it really got that loose undercoat well.


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