Saturday, June 24, 2017

Beagle Facts: Funny Twitter account you need to follow

Here at Life With Beagle, we post lots of beagle facts:

We've posted on the beagle anatomy from nose to tail.

We've posted on the distinct sounds beagles make.

And we post about all sorts of beagle health problems.

But we've never posted facts like this:

The International Journal of Beagle Facts, or @BeagleFacts, is only a year old, but I am pretty impressed with their tweets and, if I'm honest, I wish I'd thought of it.
The account mixes funny beagle pictures with "facts" that really aren't that far from the truth.
Lets face it, we all have a beagle who burrows like this.

And I'm fairly certain this is why Lulu often sleeps like this. I bet your dog does too.
And I think we can all agree this is true.
Here's some more of our favorites. Can you come up with funny beagle facts like these? Be sure to follow @BeagleFacts on Twitter.

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  1. Oh I love Beagle Facts on Twitter. I have shared at least once or twice with them - when they tweeted about the Beagle Bedhead - my newest pup, Miss Maizie had woke up from a nap like that and I was lucky enough to get a picture. There are several other things they have tweeted about that I can really identify with - not so much now with Lady Shasta who is now 10+yo but Miss Maizie is 10 months and has few house manners; she has only been here less than 2 months - she needed to be rehomed so I moved her from Oklahoma here to Kansas.
    Mom Kim


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