Thursday, April 2, 2015

You know your dog's a beagle when... 5 Beagle noises

We all know that wonderful sound, a sound only a beagle lover could love....

We are talking, of course, of ARROOOOOOOOO!

But there's a special name for that sound. What is it, and what are the beagle sounds you should know? Even if your beagle isn't on the talkative side (and not all of them are), when they have something to say they have special ways of doing it.

So... You Know Your Dog Is A Beagle When...

The 5 noises beagle lovers should know


Beagles do bark! It's not that traditional bay or howl, either, it's a regular old bark. If they want something and they need to get your attention, you might here that short, loud sound.

Beagle bays have a special importance.

This is sound is distinct to beagles. It's almost like a yodel, or a half-bark, half-howl. It's deep and penetrating, and you've probably heard it when your dog is chasing something or telling you there's something in the vicinity.
The beagle bay was bred into the dogs by hunters and it makes full use of their powerful vocal chords. We beagle lovers with non-hunting dogs may hear this less frequently than our next sound.


Not all beagles howl, did you know? But if you hear a howl, you recognize it instantly. They throw back their head and let out this sound. It has different tones too. There might be a sad howl, there might be a come play with me howl (I hear that one from Lulu a lot). A good howl is loud and sods like it comes from somewhere deep in their souls though.

Want to hear the difference? Louie the Beagle put together a 9-minute-long video of beagle barks and howls and bays!



It's time for bed, what's your beagle doing?

Well, if he or she has had a long day, they are probably snoring away, literally.

I've had beagle owners tell me that their beagle sounds like a lumberjack, or a freight train.

While snoring can be a sign of bigger problems in dogs, in beagles, believe it or not, it may not be a huge problem for beagles.

"It is fairly common for beagles to snore," said Jan Weiher, a beagle lover who was also a veterinarian. "Some have a long soft palate which vibrates when they breathe, or when they are sniffing extra hard, that causes the noise.

The elongated soft palate helps explain why beagles tend to snore.
Now, that doesn't mean you can completely discount snoring as a symptom of a larger issue. But just know if your otherwise healthy beagle snores, it's nothing.


And how about this sound? You've heard it before I'm sure:

I borrowed this video off YouTube because catching Lulu reverse sneezing is tough.

That horrible choking sound is called reverse sneezing. It's actually not dangerous. According to PetMD, reverse sneezing is essentially irritation in the back of the nasal passages. It's only real issue if it starts happening a lot. It means there could be something that your vet needs to check out.

Everyone has different solutions to help a dog through reverse sneezing, by the way. I like to try and get some air in by opening Lulu's mouth. Do you have a beagle? How do you help them through reverse sneezing?


  1. BOL! We love the sound of a good Beagle Bay! But oh, Ma says if she heard that reverse sneezing she would panic. Thank goodness it is not dangerous or anything.

    1. Oh the first instinct is always to panic! Over time you get used to it though!

  2. LOVE the Bay and Howl! Not so much the snoring... Luna reverse sneezes often. First time I heard it I thought she was going to explode or something! Thankfully that did not happen.
    -Jessica from Beagles & Bargains

    1. I got lucky on the snoring. Lulu's snoring is very light, and only when she's in a deep sleep.

  3. When our beagle Axl does the reverse sneezing we rub his throat. I think it helps. It really is a terrible sound. The first time he did it terrified us!

  4. It's so comforting when we take Jello out and she starts up her beagle bark, we always get the reaction "OH, I totally understand, she's a beagle" :) And the first time we had a reverse sneeze, I thought she was choking! Now it happens all the time, especially during allergy season (a daily dose of Zyrtec seems to help!) but when she starts up, I just cover her nostrils with my fingers and it forces her to take some air in through her mouth, seems to work!

    1. I know, right? In my apartment complex people didn't quite understand. But dog people understand!

  5. But they are cute for a dog. Heh! That reverse sneezing sounds like a hairball is coming up.

    1. It does! You almost think something will come up, but it never does.

  6. I was an airport after coming back from mexico waiting for my luggage. An officer with a beagle was walking around asking people if they brought back food or not. It was pretty funny to watch people say no,but beagle saying yes.

  7. We had a beagle when I was a kid, in fact we were the same age. I remember her beagle bark and bay so well. Always makes me think of her when I hear another beagle. And I had a poodle who had the reverse sneeze, someone told me to breathe in his face to help stop it. I'm not sure it helped very much.

  8. Bailey, our beagle tends to reverse sneeze in late summer. We usually rub her neck which usually stops it. We also give her Claritin, 5mg daily. This seems to alleviate the sneeze.

  9. I adopted a 8 year old beagle he snores loud there are nights you can't sleep the only time he howls is when I leave him in his crate for the day and I come home he yells at me for leaving him.

  10. Ha my sisters beagle is the lemon beagle howling at the ice cream truck at the 1:32-1:33 minute mark, other than when the ice cream truck is around she barely makes a noise.

  11. Trying to figure out WHY our 11 y/o Beagle barks at new toys while he plays with them. Play, play, then bark at the toy for up to 3 minutes, until one of us tells him to stop. Then it begins again.


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