Tuesday, February 16, 2016

PHOTOS: Playing with pups at Paws in the Park in Orlando

I've been away, and I've let the blog go.

You see, back in May I was diagnosed with bulging discs in my lower back. After several months of physical therapy I was starting to feel better.

Then just after New Year's the pain flared up again. I was very miserable, and it took weeks to feel better. Then I got sick.

Between that and regular life it's been tough to get back to doing this. But I want to get back to it.

So I'm making a late New Year's resolution: from now on, three posts a week! It's a promise. And I also promise to get back to doing what I started this blog for: to tell stories about my crazy dogs.

This past weekend Lulu and I went to Paws in the Park in Orlando! The annual event benefits Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (where we adopted Lulu all those years ago!).

Pet Alliance is an animal shelter, but it's also an organization that tries to help pet lovers in the community so that people have happy, responsible relationships with pets.

Take a look at some pics of our adventure.