Monday, June 26, 2017

How CBD dog treats from Treatibles can ease summer stress

What summer means for you is not everything it means to your dog.

To you, summer means cookouts, beach visits, freaking heat, the Fourth of July.

To your dog it means lots of human activity, staying home alone, lightning and thunder summer storms, the Fourth of July's fireworks.

Now any dog can get a little stressed in summer, but if your dog is like my Jasmine, you know summer can be an extremely tough time.

So lets talk about ways you can help your dog all summer long, and using Treatibles® CBD Pet Chews to help your pet combat summer stress.

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Treatibles CBD Pet Chews, but all opinions about the product are mine.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Beagle Facts: Funny Twitter account you need to follow

Here at Life With Beagle, we post lots of beagle facts:

We've posted on the beagle anatomy from nose to tail.

We've posted on the distinct sounds beagles make.

And we post about all sorts of beagle health problems.

But we've never posted facts like this:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Who is Megan Leavey: Real-life hero story about Marine and her K-9

Right now everyone is all about "Wonder Woman," and with good reason. She's a superpowered super hero with 75 years of history, and her film is a critical and commercial success so far.

But she's not the only female hero leading a movie in the summer of 2017.

Meet Megan Leavey.

The poster for 'Megan Leavey,' about a Marine and her K-9.

DISCLOSURE: I saw the below featurette at BlogPaws 2017 in Myrtle Beach, SC, which was sponsored by Merrick Pet Care, a proud supporter of "Megan Leavey."  Merrick Pet Care is a proud sponsor of BlogPaws. However, I did not receive any payment for this post.