Sunday, September 23, 2012

Caturday: Life with beagle from the cat's point of view

The servant feels guilty for all the time she spends with the beast, so she is permitting me to take to this machine and meow my mind.

I am Galadriel. Rubbish name for a cat. I was named that by my previous servant, who proved unfit, as he preferred the company of beasts. This current servant was adequate, until she too brought a beast into the house.

The servant says the beast's arrival was for my protection as well as hers. Bad men came into our home in the night and took our things. I cried and cried when the servant returned and she would not let me alone. And now every time I hear a man's voice I run and hide.

But is the security the beast provides worth the pains? It steals my food, and the feces from my toilet. It barks when it should be quiet, which is all the time.  And the servant now must include the beast's care in her daily routine, including feeding, and walking. That's less time to care for my grooming.

I'm beginning to think the time is right to move on. Though it's not easy.

This door is quite heavy. And the servant is rather large. She catches me when I try to run out.

I could sneak in her bag when she goes out for the weekend. But the trouble is, she takes the beast with her often. I can't get away.

I suppose I can stay for now. At least the bed is comfy.


  1. Love the pictures of Galadriel, the door one is too funny! Does she have a nickname?

    1. Kitty. I tried to come up with one from her name, but it's hard. And it took her forever to answer to that, I decided it wasn't worth confusing her. :)


  2. Very cute post! So scary that she was in the house that day. She'll get used to Lulu some day!


  3. I live with a "beast" too but the "beast" that I live with is my best friend!

    You know how my mom keeps our food separate? She feeds me in the kitchen and puts up a babygate so my Sheltie brother can't get in.

    Love, Cody

  4. We do that too, but some days Galadriel can't get over the gate. So I only put it up when I'm not home, and just try to monitor the rest of the time.


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