Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Diary of Lulu in a Thundershirt, Day 3

To read Day 2, go here.

I took Lulu back to the complex dog park. She still had her Thundershirt on from the night before, so that's a good sign.

Another good sign -- Lulu walked right past a passing golf cart. Normally she would bark, so it's a good sign.

She did alright at the dog park too... until she saw another dog walk by.

Then she ran in one direction:

Then the other:

Back and forth, back and forth, barking all the way.

When the dog passed, I tried to take her back to home. But the dog and it's owner makes an appearance. Now Lulu does her usually freak out. She wants to meet this dog, wants to know about the dog, but she can't.

That's not a good sign. She doesn't calm down at all. Until she gets home.


  1. Sounds like the experiment is having mixed results

    1. Yeah... I think tomorrow I'm going to take Lulu back to the trainer and make sure I have it tight enough.

      By the way, I am actually posting a full day behind, so today was Day 4. Also, mixed results, but some interesting developments too.


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