Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beagles most talkative dog breed? No woofing way!

I'm sitting here on my bed with Lulu, writing this post. Lulu isn't making a sound.

Most of the time, if it weren't for the jingling of her tags, I wouldn't know where Lulu is.

Until someone is at the door.

Or she hears a disturbing noise outside.

Or she catches wind of a nearby dog.

In a recent article, beagles got the dubious distinction of being named the MOST talkative dog breed.


I will concede that Lulu barks a lot. Howls a lot. But only at distinct times, not all the time. But I've met many beagles, and I would say I've yet to meet one who is so talkative that they will have a conversation with you. I have seen dogs who will do that.

Dachshunds were completely left off the list, which I just find to be bogus. My parents' Cappy and Buster never shut up. I know, I had to watch them this weekend. And you tell Cappy "quiet" and he harrumphs at you. He has to get the last word in.

And Buster is part dachshund and part black lab, and all he does is bark and howl!

I think the writer in some cases is mistaking "talking" for loud. If this were the loudest dog breeds, yes, I would agree beagles win that prize. Lulu's howl wakes up the whole neighborhood. In a way, that's why I got her. But that doesn't mean she's talkative.

So what do you think? Do you have a talkative beagle? Comment below, please! Here's the list:

The 12 Most Talkative Breeds:

1- Beagle
2- Miniature Pinscher
3- Pomeranian
4- Chihuahua
5- Alaskan Malamute
6- Siberian Husky
7- American English Coonhound
8- Miniature Schnauzer
9- Basset Hound
10- German Shepherd
11- Yorkshire Terrier
12- Bloodhound

Details at .


  1. We agree! Luna talks, but only on select occasions. It actually is sometimes startling when she barks and howls because she doesn't do it that often! But she is pretty loud for how small she is. Beagles know how to be heard when they want to be.

    1. That's it! Lulu doesn't talk unless she needs to.

  2. I have entire conversations with my Shih Tzu.

    1. Not on the list either! I've never met a Shih Tzu. Are they kinda yappy, or are they really determined barkers.

  3. Hmmm...the author of the list obviously does not know about the Cairn Terrier. My two, Mr. Gatsby and Hattie Mae, have learned different dialects: they bay like their Beagle cousin, howl like their wolf-like cousin, and meow like my parents' cats. Then there is their native tongue, the Cairn bark. Oh goodness.

    1. That's really interesting! I haven't met any yet either. Just briefly at Celebrate Dogs. Can't wait to meet one at Barkworld.

  4. LOL hmm interesting! I see the Mini Schnauzer made the list as well. Simba only barks when he feels he needs to like when he hears someone at the door or something.

  5. Whoa!!!! I cannot believe that Shetland Sheepdogs aren't on that list! (they must be on the top 20 lol).....Dakota barks A LOT. Mostly at things like

    1) me stirring eggs
    2) grating a lemon
    3) the coffee pot beeping
    4) me using spray butter

    Get the idea? BOL BOL BOL!

    Barks and licks and love,
    Dakota and Mom

    1. That's hilarious... what do you think Dakota is trying to tell you?

  6. What about the GBGV? We are known for being loud and loving to hear ourselves bark and howl...I bet my neighbors would vote for my breed!

  7. Well kinda with Shiloh'n Diva Shasta - for example, if I am on the computer and Shiloh thinks it is time for something to eat then yes, he will lay on the floor behind me and start whimpering AND if that doesn't produce his desired result then a bark or several barks if needed. Sometimes I think he just wants me to get off the computer - for instance in the evening, he will be laying on his favorite chair or the dogbed and I will hear him whimpering, sort of loudly while I am on the computer - I will look over at him and he will be looking at me, quite intently and sometimes his tail will wag a few times. Back to mealtime - Shiloh will start the barking but if it doesn't work quickly enough then Diva Shasta will join in.

    Of course there are the other times that you spoke of in your post too. Sometimes, when I let them out after I get home from work or wherever, they will rush out the door, barking their heads off at some unseen (by me anyway) critter out by the back fence.

    By the way, got your message on Facebook - I also have my own page, Kim Brooks. I am at work right now so will contact you later. Shiloh'n Diva Shasta are not rescue Beagles but I can give you names of Beagle Rescues. Have you heard of the Beagle Freedom Project - a most wonderful group that rescues Beagles used in lab research. They have a Facebook page as well as a website.

    I will get in touch with you when I get home later.
    Mom Kim

  8. Wow! Our dogs weren't on the list either! I've seen Beagles in action. You hear a bunch of noise, look around and they're so unassuming. I was only able to figure out it was a Beagle (my first time) by watching this dog. His owner thought it was hilarious that I had no idea these dogs could be so vocal.

  9. Hm...well two of my best friends are beagles and boy do they have super loud voices, but I wouldn't classify them as the most talkative! Um, and where on earth is the Jack Russell...cause when I start: I'm loud, obnoxious, and keep going! Hehehe! ;-D

  10. Our Regal Beagle is very talkative. Mostly barks for food whenever we're in the kitchen, or while we're trying to have a meal. She is ruled by her nose. I know she isn't feeling well (has kidney disease and Cushing's) when she doesn't bark. She is about 12, and was a rescue. Incidentally, the dog's eyes in picture above don't look "dead" to me. Beagles have sad eyes but are very alert. Regal's eyes look like she has mascara on. When you look a beagle in the eye, you know they have the upper hand! RuthT

  11. My puppy lucy lou marìe is only 8 weeks today and she is quite a character with a sour sweet personality although she isnt full beagle she is a mix with English bulldog she is playful and most important very talkative but only when you tell her no or stop sit anything she gets sassy and will bark everytime you speak to her which I believe is from the beagle side but me and my roommate love her!! So much she is soo smart and funny as other times she is bad and doesn't listen lol but I believe beagles are a talkative breed depending on the dogs personality

  12. Our 1.5 year old beagle Lucy (that we believe is mixed with foxhound or harrier...she looks a lot like a beagle, but is a bit leggier & has a longer muzzle like a foxhound) is very talkative. Even when she's lying around being content, she'll make these cute little sighs or whimpers. The purebred beagle we had earlier was that way, too. I guess it varies for each dog. We also have an american english coonhound & she is extremely talkative, so I'd say that Vetstreet list is pretty accurate lol


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