Monday, December 30, 2013

Beagle of the Week: Jello the Beagle and the Twitter Beagles

This year, the Twitter beagles ("tweagles") from all over the world got together and exchanged gifts in a Secret Santa Beagle.

If you check out #secretbeagle, or #secretbeaglerevealed on Twitter, you will find pictures from all the beagles with their gifts.

Lulu with her secret beagle gift from Schroeder.
Secret beagle was the organized by Andrea Reid and her beagle Jello. So Jello is our Beagle of the Week!

1) What is your beagle's name?

2) When did you get them?
We adopted Jello on February 27, 2013 - it's almost been a year!

3) Where did you get them?
Jello was adopted from the Columbia-Greene Humane Society in Hudson, NY where she was born on New Year's Eve.  The shelter found homes for all of Jello's littermates AND her mom - we keep in touch with many of them on Facebook!  She was originally given the name "Tornado" because of the funnel cloud shaped marking on her back. 

4) What's their favorite food?
Believe it or not, Jello loves healthy snacks! Watermelon, green peppers and slices of clementines. If I act excited about her getting it, she'll be excited to eat it! She really enjoys anything that makes a loud crunching noise when she chews. Oh, and she loves the treats she gets at the Panera drive-through window.  We use pieces of string cheese for training rewards. Her regular meals are Royal Canin.

5) What's their favorite toy?
She has a stuffed basketball and a teddy bear that she likes to have in her crate with her - when we open the door to let her out, she'll put one paw out but then immediately turn around to get her stuffed toy! And she insists on carrying them outside on potty breaks too.  But she'll play with anything - whether or not she's allowed. :)

6) Do they have any special skills (therapy dog, service dog, blog star, a lab beagle, a search dog, an agility star, show dog star, etc.)?
Jello is a fantastic climber; she is amazingly limber and agile. We call her a "Cat-Dog" because of how much she likes to walk along the back of the couch, perch on the windowsills, and climb on the countertops!  Her balance is incredible! She was featured on The Daily Puppy in June and has over 330 followers on Twitter.

7) What's the best thing about owning a beagle?
Definitely the affection! Jello is a super-snuggly beagle who has to be tucked right against you when she sleeps. Her favorite napping spot when I'm on my laptop is to lay directly on my lap and plop her head directly on the keyboard - we've sent many an "oops" e-mail that way!  At nighttime she burrows under the covers behind your legs, and then slowly throughout the night makes her way up to my pillow which I end up sharing with her.  Beagles are also such curious and attentive creatures - it's a joy just to take her on a walk and see her respond to all of the scents and sounds. You can really see the expression in their eyes.  

8 ) What's the worst part of owning a beagle?
For us right now, I'd say it's the energy level, especially as we head into her first winter.  Having a one year-old beagle in cold weather has been challenging as we don't have her outside as much, and so she's trying to burn off that extra energy in our not-that-large of a house. She is constantly running, jumping, chewing, and just wanting to play.  And if she has any of that energy lingering when it's bedtime, she becomes a very difficult puppy!  My husband and I both work during the day so we make sure Jello gets plenty of exercise during the week from our amazing dog walker Matt, and she also goes to doggie daycare a few days a week!

9) Anything you'd like to add (including if your beagle has a blog or a facebook or twitter account)?
Jello loves her Twitter pack ("Tweagles") - this year we've all done a calendar, and a worldwide Secret Beagle gift exchange for Christmas! You can follow her at @JelloBeagle and join our pack!

Here's some of our other Tweagles. If you're on Twitter, please follow them:



  1. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Years!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I'll have to keep an eye out for it next year. Looks like Lulu got a great new toy.


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