Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#SummerofPets: Cool pet products and Pet 360's summer pet tips

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us -- which has nothing to do with dogs and everything to do with Sirius the DogStar.

And while for many of you the summer is half over, in Florida the summer goes on... and on... and on...

So how can you keep your pet cool and safe this summer while everyone is having fun? We've got a few ideas.


Time for a ride, but do you find your car is a bit hot?

The inside of a car is always hotter than the outside during the summer. Other surfaces can be hot in summer too, like maybe your pool deck, for instance.

The Cool Pet Mat is from the Green Pet Shop. The light blue pad has a non-toxic gel inside that, when pressure activated, cools you down. It lasts up to four hours, and it recharges itself once you're done. It doesn't need to be refrigerated, though you can put it in the freezer if you need recharge it faster.

The dogs weren't quite sure what to make of it at first, but eventually Jasmine sat on it. The pad comes in several sizes, and are great for cars, crates and other areas. I'm thinking of getting one for myself. Cars are hot for people too!

You can find the Cool Pet Mats at PetSmart, Amazon.com or on the Green Pet Shop website.


If you're like me and you have no choice but to take your dogs out between noon and two every day before work, you know that pavement can get pretty hot. Plus, when you're dog is outside on grass at parks or other place, lord knows what they can trod on.

PAWZ is a rubber bootie that looks like a balloon and slips on your dog's paws. I've tried other boots and Lulu was able to kick them off in seconds. But the PAWZ founder put them on Lulu at the last Global Pet Expo and ran with her. She didn't love them, but she couldn't get them off either.

They come in a lot of colors, and they can be reused over and over. But they are also disposable.

You can find PAWZ in most stores. 


I've reviewed the Kumfytailz harness before.  It's a great harness designed to keep your pet hot or cold, depending on what you are needing.

The harness is designed with a pocket that comes with an ice pack that can also be heated in the microwave. The pouch is situated over the dogs chest, because that's where the dog's core is.

This year Kumfytailz improved their design, and it's even a better fit than it was before.

You get a Kumfytailz harness in a variety of sizes and colors. Head to the Kumfytailz website for more.

Now -- there's more to summer than just keeping cool. Pet360.com has created a great infographic with some helpful reminders:

 Head to Pet360.com for more tips PLUS -- they have a great giveaway going on with summer products for both dogs and cats. ENTER TODAY!

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  1. The Kumfytailz harness is an awesome idea for pups in the summertime! Love, love, love the ice pack idea. We've been using soft mesh harness for day-to-day but I think my basset deserves a nice cooling effect.


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