Saturday, August 9, 2014

Favorite dog treats for training your beagles

We love our treats! (They are beagles after all!)

Look at the awesome box we got from Merrick -- It's got all kinds of doggy treats inside.

I like to make sure Lulu and Jasmine are doing things and learning for their treats. I try very hard not to just hand them a cookie.

But some tricks and behaviors are more important than others. And I also have to make sure my girls don't lose their figure eating treats.

So here are the treats I like to use -- and why I use them.

Day-to-day small stuff

Merrick Kitchen Bites: These are small doggy biscuits made by Merrick and come in the company's canned food flavors. We particularly love the Brauts n Tots one because we think chicken makes Jasmine itchy.

Why I like these: Grain free, gluten free, and small. I like to use these for little midday treats, particularly when I need to get the dogs in the house, or I need to get Jasmine in her crate so I can go to work. They are crunchy, but not particularly stinky.

Keeping them in line 

Zuke's Treats: Zuke's treats are made in the USA or New Zealand. They are flavorful treats, and they aren't big treats. I like the Lil' Links and the Hip Action treats.

Why I like these: The treats are small enough to give the girls a taste of something good. I like to use them when we're out and about to keep their attention. For instance, I gave them to Lulu during outdoor photo shoots. I also used them to maintain her attention while at farmer's markets and the post office. They aren't too fattening, and the Hip Action have the added bonus of having glucosamine.

Training time

We have a small stash.
Natural Balance Food Rolls: My trainer, Adam at Petco, is the one who coined the term "puppy crack." It's the truth. Dogs will do almost anything for some food rolls. They are also Made in the USA.

Why I like these: The food rolls can be broken apart or cut. You can mold them into a ball. They are incredibly stinky. And with a beagle that can be a great help. I save these for training because it's helpful in keeping them focused on you. They love the taste and smell.

Now I say this all with the understanding that Natural Balance changed the recipe recently. The roll is crumblier and not as easy to use. But from what my trainer understands, NB has gotten so many complaints they are changing back to the old recipe.

Very Important Tasks

Peanut butter: I kid you not. Lulu can hear a jar open from half the house away. If I have peanut butter Lulu wants a taste. So I make it very special. For instance, pills. I put the pill in the middle of the peanut butter and she takes it in one go. Jasmine is a bit more judicious, licking and licking. But she still goes for the pill at the end. 

Why I like it: Ummm peanut butter is tasty? No seriously, I can buy a jar and share it between the dogs and I. Cheaper than treats, good for the dog and when they know it's extra special they'll do anything. Just try to buy one that doesn't have lots of sugar.

Busy time

 Jones Natural Chews rib bones: There are lots of ways to keep your pets busy, but I like these bones. Plus, stripping bones is good for doggy teeth.

Why I like these: All natural, made in the USA. No preservatives. Plus, Lulu finds these beef rib bones easier to chew. She likes her bones not to big, not too small. Plus, Jones also sell a "rib roller," a beef bone wrapped with pig skin. The dogs really like those!

What are your favorite treats for training? TELL US BELOW!

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  1. We usually use Milkbones for day to day, or whatever yummy treat we got in our PetBox! We recently got and loved Spale bites from the Yummy Paws Baking Co, Yakky Charms, and our Crunchwoofs. Yum!


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