Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eat Your Vegetables! 6 veggies your dogs can eat

Lulu loves her veggies.

And I don't just mean her sweet pea toy. And it's not just because she's a beagle and beagles will eat almost anything. Dogs like veggies in general! And most are really good for them.They're great as treats, and if you need to get your pet to slim down they are great to use as a low calorie replacement if you have to reduce their food.

So in honor of National Eat Your Vegetables Day (which is June 17), here is some food for thought for dog owners every where.


This is a big favorite in our household. Lulu and Jasmine love their broccoli florets cooked or even frozen. I will sometimes pull a couple pieces out of the bag while I'm making my own broccoli and just throw it to them as a treat. Just remember not to give it to them raw, and not all the time or in large amounts. Broccoli can make dogs gassy (just like humans).

Dogs love carrots. And you can give it to them raw, or cooked. Lulu will only eat hers cooked, no raw. Carrots are a great source of vitamins A, C and K, plus fiber and potassium.

This is another veggie that Lulu and Jasmine love. Don't like brussels sprouts? You probably haven't had them made right yet! I grew up with steamed sprouts. Then I discovered roasting them and it changed my life. I will never go back to steaming them if I can help it. Though you can do either and your dog may love them. But again, cruciferous vegetable, so try to not go overboard.

When I read about dogs who have lost lots of weight, one of the foods the dogs eat is green beans.  Owners will sometimes reduce the dogs' kibble or put them on a special dietary food and replace any of that lost food with green beans. Low in calories, high in fiber. Some dogs love them raw. Lulu is not one of them. In fact, she only eats green beans if they are cut up. Jasmine will take them any way she can get them.

There's a reason you can get sweet potato treats for your dog. They are high in so many vitamins and minerals and they are yummy. Lulu and Jasmine will eat them cooked straight out of the skin.

Zucchini is a plentiful right now because it is a summer squash. You can also find it pretty cheap. Consider slicing some up and giving it to your dogs. It's a low calorie food packed with vitamins and minerals (moreso than cucumbers, though those are good for dogs too). It can be good for their skin and fur too.

As with anything, moderation is key and you should check with a vet beforehand if you think a vegetable may be bad for your pet. Also, avoid seasoned veggies, especially garlic. But this is a great way to give your pet a treat without worries about overfeeding. You can also try other squashes, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and peas too. Eat your veggies!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Do you give your dogs fruit or veggies? What do they like?


  1. We haven't tried brussel sprouts or zucchini, but the boys love the other veggies.

    1. The girls love both. Which kind of surprised me.

  2. Cinnamon says... "I don't like veggies all that much!"

    1. Awwww... Maybe you just haven't had them made right.

  3. Pug loves all fruits and veggies. The only thing he has turned away was plain lettuce. But he will eat it if it has a bit of dressing on it! LOL.

  4. I detest brussel sprouts - so I doubt seriously if I'll even buy them, but everything else on the list is a daily staple in our food, yessir...


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