Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Traveling with dogs? Practice summer road trip safety

We do love to travel!

Lulu loves car rides. Jasmine does too, though not as much. And what beagle doesn't love to sniff out new places.

But if you're going to travel with your pet this summer, there are some things you need to know to keep your pets from getting lost.

After all, the question "how did they spend their summer vacation?" should never be answered with a tragic story.

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month

 Pet Hub and GoPetFriendly have put together this great infographic to help you make the right choices when you're traveling with your pets. (enlarge it to read it better). That way you can prevent them from getting into a situation where they'll become separated from you.

But if the worst does happen, here are some things to remember if your pet does become lost, from the experts at PetHub.
  • If your pet is missing on vacation, the  first thing to do is to keep calm, and  act quickly. "The more quickly you respond positively to the situation, the more likely  you are to find your pet while he’s still in th  immediate vicinity. If you’re staying at a hotel, campground, or other lodgings, make certain to alert the management and owners of the venue that your pet is missing. It wouldn’t hurt to ask others staying there to also keep an eye out, just in case your furry friend is still roaming around the building."
  • Print up “Lost Pet” flyers, complete with a picture, and ask the owners and staff of these establishments to stay on the lookout. "Especially when it comes to cats, many pets prefer to stay within a comfort zone, and will end up at the first place that seems comfortable, friendly, and offers food."
  • If none of these tactics offer any results, it’s time to start calling shelters, animal control authorities, local veterinarians, and emergency clinics. "It is, of course, preferable that your pet is found close to home, safe, and healthy, but if someone has picked him up as a stray or he’s been in an accident, making these unpleasant calls will help you locate your lost friend."


  1. Nothing would be scarier than to have your pet lost. These are great tips.

  2. Hi Y'all!

    Not only am I microchipped, but I have my tags from Pethub! They are the greatest!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Great tips. We are planning on first longer trip with Ruby in August and will definitely follow all this advice.

  4. Getting lost while traveling would be the absolute worst. We do the best we can to prevent it from ever happening.

  5. I can't imagine the horror of losing a pet while traveling. These are all great tips! There are also some apps and websites that are useful for helping to get the word out if your pet is lost.

    A few weeks ago, I got a recorded message on my home phone about a cat that was lost in my area. I'm not sure how the owners were able to send out calls to my local area, but technology will probably play a bigger role in the future to help reunited lost pets with their humans.

  6. I love car rides too! Great tips thanks. Love Dolly

  7. Great advice. There are so many unpredictable and scary things for dogs when traveling. I think its important to know whether your dog can handle that, then take all of these precautions if that is the case.

  8. well my dog cant go on trips he starts throwing up about 10 mins in the car :/

  9. Very good tips, so many pets get lost while traveling; there are just so many things going on which means so many more things that can go wrong! Great Infographic. Sharing
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Love that tip about not chasing a dog that seems lost. It runs so counter to what we think is right, but dogs really do better when we sit rather than run!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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