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Doctor Who is back! Meet his doggy dopplegangers

Whovians rejoice! The new season of "Doctor Who" is here!

We're all excited here at Life With Beagle... or at least I am. It's one of my favorite shows on TV. 
To celebrate, we're once again taking characters and matching them up with dog breeds. Of course, the character that's most important is The Doctor himself, so we've matched up all of The Doctors incarnations with dog breeds!

Doctor Who is back! Meet his doggy dopplegangers

This was a massive undertaking! I know the new Doctors pretty well, but not the classic ones. So I asked friends and readers to lend a hand. Many of these suggestions are theirs, though I did tinker with a few (my final discretion!).

Check them out, then tell me what you think! 

First Doctor: Weimaraner

I kept coming back to the Gray Ghost. I tried not to be stereotypical in appearance, but it seemed to fit to me, and others agreed.

In particular, I think about William Wegman's weimaraners. There's something stoic about the dogs in those pics, even if that's not necessarily a characteristic of the breed.  But weimaraners can apparently be stubborn and have lots of energy and love to explore. They have a tendency toward wanderlust. So it kinda fits.
Second Doctor: Corgi  
This was suggested by Flea Christenson of Jones Natural Chews. The Second Doctor is clever, childlike and can be a little silly. The Second Doctor is also the reason actual running is a hallmark. Corgis have lots of energy.
Third Doctor: Standard Poodle
I had to! He's the first Doctor who loves a little flair. Poodles may be hunting dogs who don't mind a little mud, but I've yet to meet one that didn't like to preen and get primped. I can think of one poodle in particular who is a bit of a fashionista.

Oh and clever... did I mention clever? And stubborn. Which you'll notice is a quality lots of these doctor/dog breeds have in common.

Fourth Doctor: Chow Chow  
I had gotten some different suggestions: Puli, Goldendoodle. In the end I went with a choice of my own. I do love Chows. 

For one thing, the Fourth Doctor can be a little distant. Chows are known for being aloof. They both also be very serious, and they have a sense of the way things should be. But they also can be very warm to those they care about, and they can be a little whimsical too!
Fifth Doctor: Whippet
I don't know much about either the Fifth Doctor or the whippet, but Flea suggested this one too. From what I read, both tend toward sensitivity. They also have a lot of nervous energy. 

As an aside -- WOW! Jasmine looks like a whippet. I never noticed. 
Sixth Doctor: German Shepherd  
 The word I kept coming back to is bombastic. It can be used to describe both the Sixth Doctor and the GSD. The other word that seemed to come up was self-assured. So the similarities are definitely there.

Seventh Doctor: Pug  
My friend Tiffany suggested this because of the looks, I'm sure. Both tend toward being affable though, and and intuitive.
Eighth Doctor: Scottish Terrier  
 We don't necessarily know much about the Eighth Doctor, unless you listen to the audiobooks. The BBC has described him as charming, and someone who explores the universe for the sheer love of it. He's a true adventurer.

Scotties are feisty, rugged and stubborn. They can also be good watchdogs. When I think about the Eighth Doctor, I think of "Night of the Doctor." There's something heroic about both.

War Doctor: Airedale Terrier  
Originally we were going with an English Bull Dog, but in the end I decided we needed a breed with a beard! That crazy facial hair! 

The Airedale happens to share some other qualities with the War Doctor: both are aloof, independent, strong-willed and stoic. 
Ninth Doctor: Boxer  
I had trouble with Nine, who is one of my favorites. In the end, I went with the Boxer though. They both have a gruff exterior and both are distrustful of strangers. But they also are a little goofy (The Doctor Dances!). And gentle. I think Nine has the potential to be very gentle. 
Tenth Doctor: Border Collie  
Suggested by one of my readers. And you know it fits! Very energetic, friendly and crazy intellient.
Eleventh Doctor: Beagle
This was the only one I held firm on. It's not just because I dressed Lulu up as 11 one year. It's the eyes. The Doctor has these eyes that are both young and old at the same time. And sad. Very sad. We can all agree beagle eyes are the same.

 Twelfth Doctor: Cairn Terrier
Finally, the new Doctor! First -- I had to pick a Scottish breed. HAD to. I searched desperately also for a breed with "attack eyebrows." But I couldn't get the mannerisms right. Both the Cairn and the Doctor can be standoffish. They can be very independent and stubborn. And they can dominate if you let them.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know below!

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