Thursday, March 17, 2016

9 great dog companies we found at Global Pet Expo: Day 1

It's Global Pet Expo week!

Thousands of pet companies from all over the world are showing their new and popular products.

Here are 9 our favorites from day 1 of Global Pet Expo.


A camping set up, complete with tent and washable outdoor pet bed.

And adorable dog toys that include sea creatures, bugs and produce.

Preppy Puppy Bakery

You might have seen these fancy treats at boutique pet shops. But they have a peanut butter bon bon that's so good even humans can eat it. I know, I did.

Check out these great canvas prints. I love the Dog is My Zen.

Rubie's Costume Shop

Coming to a Halloween department near you -- World War I flying ace hat and scarf! Yay!

Spot Farms-Full Moon

Our pal Keona showed us this treat company's new artisanal treats and food.

Dog for Dog

Lulu checked out the treats and the food at Dog for Dog.


The name is crazy, but these Tushee Wipes are awesome, especially if your dog gets itchy after a walk.


New products inspired by Miranda Lambert and WWE. And new Hedgies dog toys!

Quaker Pet Group's new line is for fetching. I especially like the ball launcher that you can grab the ball with.

More coming soon!


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