Monday, February 6, 2017

Why doesn't my dog like her food? My conversation with a Natural Balance nutrition expert #WeBelieveinNB

What do you do when you know you've bought good quality dog food and your dog just won't eat it?

A couple months ago we started talking about why we like Natural Balance® Limited Ingredient Diet.

But Lulu even after a week of mixing her food, she wouldn't eat the Natural Balance alone.

Not sure what I was doing wrong, I decided to ask an expert. Natural Balance is happy to oblige.

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Natural Balance's Nutrition Experts can help you troubleshoot your dog food.

MYTH: Beagles eat everything.

Beagles love to eat, this is true. And there a lot of things they'll eat that you wouldn't expect a dog to eat. 

But beagles, just like any other dog, can have their finnicky moments.

And when I switched to Natural Balance in November, suddenly Lulu was. She would not eat the dog food without mixing it with her previous food. 

Now, as Natural Balance shows here, that's something you should do over the course of a week.

Why? I couldn't figure out. I thought maybe the food was messing with her? But it wasn't bothering Jasmine, who ate it with her usual zeal for any food.

It seems the problem may have been more simple than that. 

Natural Balance has lots of different dog food formulas.
Natural Balance has lots of different formulas. But which is right for Lulu?
To find out, I decided to go right to the source: Natural Balance itself. 

The great thing about Natural Balance is it wants its customers to "Buy with Confidence." To do that, the company makes Nutrition Experts available for us pet parents. You can call them, email them, or even chat with them right on the Natural Balance website.

Within minutes I was connected with Cynthia, a veterinary technician. She chatted with me for over half an hour, answering all my questions thoroughly. And the best part is, you can save a transcript of the chat so that you can come back to it when necessary. 

So here are portions of our conversation. If you have trouble reading them, just click the picture to enlarge.

First, I told her about my situation with Lulu.

See, she even answered my dumb questions graciously. 

Next we talked about why I choose the foods I do.

Now she has all she needs to help me make a good decision. My problem seems to be I picked too novel a protein for Lulu. Natural Balance uses quality ingredients and many of its formulas have novel proteins, which are especially good for dogs with allergies. 

However, if your dog is not used to it, they may not want to try it.

Smells! A beagle's specialty. So the stinkier the food, the more likely they may be to eat it. Not surprising, really. 

Also -- a PROTIP: When trying a new food, stick to the smaller bags. 

And here are two great things about Natural Balance -- Cynthia will help me by sending me samples so we can test different proteins. Now I won't have to worry about paying to try different versions and then go through the hassle of bringing them back. 

But the good news is, if I need to, I can bring the bag back -- and any amount that's left. That's great to know.

So my samples are on the way, and I can have Lulu try some different proteins to find one she wants so she doesn't get an upset tummy. 

Need some help with food options for your dog? Go to Natural Balance's nutrition experts!

You can also reach them on Facebook and Twitter!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Any other suggestions for a smooth transition from one dog food to another? Post them below.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Natural Balance. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I just want to say I'm a big fan of Beagles :) Our Beagle is a little picky too. Great review of Natural Balance - great ingredients!


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