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Christie Zizo is a writer in Orlando, FL. When she's not blogging about her pets, she works at an area TV station as a web editor. She's a graduate of University of Central Florida in Orlando. She also loves Disney, which makes Orlando the perfect place to be. She's a life-long pet lover, and she currently is the parent of two dogs and a cat. Have questions for her? Email her at czizo@cfl.rr.com

Lulu the beagle is a nearly-six-year-old beagle living in Orlando Florida. She was rescued from SPCA of Central Florida when she was six months old. Lulu loves chasing squirrels, being outside, stealing her owner's spot on the bed and food. You can find Lulu on Facebook on her Lulu the Beagle page, or on Twitter @lifewithbeagle.

Galadriel the cat is a senior kitty living in Orlando Florida. She was rescued from Orange County Animal Services when she was three years old. She enjoys terrorizing Lulu, sitting in the bathroom sink and ordering her owner around. From time to time she will take to the keyboard to vent her frustration about the dog.




  1. I must say, Galadriel sounds an awfully lot like my Princess! Well, except for sitting in the sink, my cat doesn't like to get that close to water! LOL

  2. TY for making me aware tht there is a eco friendly version.Lulu, you and your mom are too smart! If I don't win I will be on the website ordering one.I tried guessing what size you used. I thought a med. TY again for the great info. Hugs to you and your fur babies from our furry household. Holly


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