Thursday, June 26, 2014

From food to intelligence: 5 beagle myths debunked

Beagles are dumb. They can't be trained. They talk too much.

You've probably heard it all. Lord knows I have.

Every breed gets a bum rap in one way or another. While every breed has telltale attributes, at the end of the day it comes down to the individual dog.

I asked some beagle lovers what they think, and we came up with:

MYTH: Beagles are not smart.
Wanna see a beagle lover bristle? Tell me my dog is dumb. In the words of that great beagle Snoopy, she ain't no stupid beagle!

I smile because I am constantly underestimated.

Here is what was written on back in August 2012:
"Beagle: This breed has won at Westminster, so it’s clear it can prance around a ring on a lead very well. But the Beagle’s learning capabilities are limited, with the exception of using his sense of smell. This is put to use to find contraband in the Beagle Brigade, the troop of dogs who work airports. This is a very, very sweet breed who is devoted to his family."
 The qualifications for a breed being dumb: difficulty in training, the ability to zone out, confusion about who is in charge. That's basically why a beagle is dumb.

Excuse me, but from those qualifications Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison would be considered idiots.

"Beagles figure out what you want them to do in 5 seconds, then spend the rest of their lives trying to find ways not to do it," said Lori Norman, an AKC reputable breeder who runs Lokavi Beagles in South Florida. 

"Don't confuse that with being stupid, just be smart enough to stay one step ahead of them! If your mind can't stay with them they win."

A beagle's learning capabilities are not limited if the trainer is focused and consistent. Which brings me to the next myth.

MYTH: Beagles can't be trained.

For my arguments, I present Exhibit A.

This is Lulu with her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens Certificate. She passed her test. How can a dog who can't be trained pass a test like that?

Here's Exhibit B.

This is Shannon. She and her six-year-old beagle Gabe compete in Rally and Obedience. And she's 11.

Beagles also do agility and, of course, nosework. 

So it has to be possible.

MYTH: Pocket Beagles for sale.

 If you are looking for a pocket beagle, I hate to tell you -- they don't exist. Not in a healthy, reputable fashion.

There are beagles who are bred to be small, and people call them pocket beagles. You will see them in ads, and people will actively search for them.

Pocket beagles existed in, like, the 1300 hundreds. But reputable breeders do not purposely breed pocket beagles. In fact, beagles who are that small have defects. AKC standard is 13 inches, and most breeders will stick with that. 

If someone is selling pocket beagles, make sure you ask lots of questions about genetics and the health of the beagles. Make sure your prospective pet doesn't have any issues.

MYTH: Beagles are bad with kids.

My niece surrounded by beagles in 2012.
Not sure where this came from. But I have heard it, especially with little kids.

My niece and Lulu pretty much grew up together. Lulu was six months old when my parents brought her home, and my niece was three. They loved each other, and Lulu is always excited to see my niece now when she comes to my house.

That does not mean that my niece and Lulu had a completely peaceful relationship. Something would happen from time to time, and Lulu, who was a puppy, would get snappy, or growl. In every time, my niece did something my dog didn't like. And she doesn't always understand that she can't do certain things with dogs. But I don't blame Lulu for that.

Most dogs will react when a child goes too far. Especially when a dog sees the child as a sibling, another puppy.

It's up to parents and adults to set the right example.

MYTH: Beagles eat everything.

I know what you're thinking -- please stay with me for just a moment, and I promise you can argue with me later.

Yes, beagles have no mechanism to tell them they are full. Yes, beagles will do most anything for food (maneuvering chairs and jumping on counters? Done!). Yes, beagles may eat strange things you would not consider edible (like money -- $275 to be exact).

But will beagles eat everything they see? I say no. A dog who does that likely has a bigger issue at work -- like a nutritional deficiency. Or something else going on. In my completely unscientific survey on my Facebook page, many people said not only did their dogs not eat everything -- they were picky! That's right, picky beagles! Say it ain't so!

Again, I think it comes down to individual dogs. While there are things that are indicative of every breed, I don't think this is one of them.

So, those are my five beagle myths. There are more, but those are the ones I'm doing today.

What do you think of my myths? Are there any others you want me to go after? COMMENT BELOW and let me know!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Theo the dog's new lease on life, thanks to #HillsPet *SPONSORED*

Once upon a time there was a dog named Theo.

Photo Courtesy
Theo the pug mix was living with a Humane Society when a nice lady named Beth found him. He was a little overweight (38 pounds), but Beth loved him anyway and decided to take him home.

Beth, who runs a blog called, wanted to help him lose weight so he could live a better life. So she put him on a diet for dogs. But while Theo lost weight, he wasn't happy.

"He was miserable with the reduced food intake and began counter surfing (we have one low counter)and stealing wrappers from the trash," Beth said "He also became snappy in trying to get the food from the other dogs."

So when Beth heard about Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, she went to her vet and asked. The vet signed off on it, and Theo was trying a new food, just like that.

Photo Courtesy
 See, Hill's new prescription diet food is designed so that the dogs feel full. The food is designed to increase the metabolism and burn fat, which keeping pets feeling full. There's a dry food, a canned food and treats.

"The most important part of the system to me is that Theo seems to be satisfied during the day," Beth said. "He isn't constantly looking for food or whining for food."

Theo so far has lost over a pound on the new food.

Photo Courtesy
He is also enjoying his walks more now, Beth said.

Theo's story is not over. He still has another pound to go. But Beth is happy so far. And soon they will live happily ever after.

Cheer Theo on at Beth's blog, the Daily Dog Tag.

Theo's not the only dog who has seen progress on Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Shanks Fegley.
This is Kahlua. Karen is one of my Life With Beagle followers and she won a trial pack for the Hill's Advanced Weight Solution food.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Shanks Fegley
This is Kahlua a month later, and Karen is pointing to the waist indentation that has since appeared since she started on the food. Karen said Kahlua has lost at least a pound since starting on the food. Kahlua is not huge fan of the dry food, but she likes the canned food and treats.

And you can read more reviews on the Hill's Facebook page HERE.

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about
Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Life With Beagle only shares information we
feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Win some Evanger's food for your dog (and cat) *SPONSORED*

Evanger's pet food is one of the sponsors of the Lulu's Favorite Things Campaign, which raises money for Harbor House of Central Florida's Paws for Peace Walk. Thanks to the help of companies like Evanger's, we raised $500 for Harbor House. You can continue to help us raise money by going to the Harbor House website. And keep reading for our great giveaway below.

Hello all, Galadriel here. Servant is supposed to write these posts on Saturday, but she is useless. 

She kept trying to get me to pose too. What am I, a dog?

She is trying to get me to pitch a dog food too. But the company makes dog food I can eat. Weird, huh?

Evanger's has been making pet food since 1935. And it's all made in the USA, right in Illinois.

They have several varieties, including the new super premium line, and grain-free line. Mom especially likes the grain-free line.

Look at this ingredient list on the can of salmon.

That's it, three ingredients on this can. This is not a complete meal though, these grain free cans. They are meant to be meal toppers. And dogs and cats can eat these.

There are more on this can, but mostly it's vitamins and minerals, and it's meant to be a complete meal:

Still the first ingredients are all natural and wholesome.

Did you notice something else? Evanger's food is Kosher for Passover? It's approved by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Evanger's has a new line -- Super premium food. It's mostly for dogs, though the sweet potato is safe for cats too.

In the super premium line, there are lots of vitamins from spinach and kale.

There's chicken, beef, duck and lamb and rice. There's also a vegetarian variety if your dog prefers.

You can find Evanger's in boutique stores and online. They also sell dry food and treats.

Now! Here's your chance to win some Evanger's food. Remember, it's made in the USA with wholesome ingredients!

You can choose from two packages:

  • $25 in Grain-Free Game Meats for dogs or cats
  • $25 variety pack of dog or cat food

The giveaway ends July 2. All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter's instructions, and be sure to leave me a comment.

The fine print: This post is sponsored by Evanger's. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Evanger's, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Evanger's is not responsible for the content of this article.

. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 13, 2014

Over 200 beagles rescued from possible Tennessee puppy mill

An SPCA in Tennessee needs your help to save nearly 250 dogs, many of them beagles, rescued from a possible puppy mill.

PHOTO/Tim Barber, Times Free
The dogs were found at a home in Bradley County. Originally they thought it was a hoarding situation, but now they think it's a puppy mill.

According to WRCBtv in Chattanooga, neighbors often complained and knew something was going on, but the authorities didn't do anything.
"According to volunteers, many of the dogs were crammed five to a cage and standing in their own feces.

"It tugs at your heart when you walk in there and you see people keeping animals like that. I mean it really does, makes you want to try and save them all," said Karen Maxwell, Volunteer.

Some of the dogs were taken to rescue centers, while others were being shipped straight to the animal hospital barely alive."
Stop and think about that for a second. Beagles crammed five to a cage and standing in their own feces. Some barely alive. If this was a hoarding mill situation it would be bad enough. But if this was a puppy mill, these dogs were being sold. What were people buying? What kind of condition were these animals in? Were they being sold to regular dog owners, or hunters, or for research use?

Puppy mills are bad news, guys. Bad bad news. Know who you are buying from and what you are buying before you do so.

SPCA of Bradley County announced Friday that the Humane Society of the United States would be helping care for the dogs. Now the dogs won't be available right away. HSUS and SPCA will assess the pups before they foster or adopt them out.

However, there are lots of dogs at the SPCA of Bradley County who need homes. They are also in need of supplies. They posted this on their Facebook page Friday that they desperately need these items:
Washing machine.

Office supplies, stapler, pens, highlighters, post it notes, copy paper, receipt books.

We also need vinegar, drum liner garbage bags, a wheel barrow or cart to haul laundry, we are out of paper towels, brooms and mops.
 They also need bowls, leashes and crates.

Can you help?

 Please share this story with your fellow pet lovers, and any rescues you know. The more dogs that can be rescued from the shelter, the easier it will be to care for these puppy mill dogs.

You can donate directly to the SPCA of Bradley County, TN online HERE on their website.

Or through PayPal:

You can also send money or supplies donations to them:

SPCA of Bradley County, TN
1570 Johnson Blvd SE
 Cleveland, TN 37311

And you can call them at 423-790-1915.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: His name is Bob the monkey

This is my new toy. Aunt Christie got it for me at the pet garage sale.
I will love him, and squeeze him (with my teeth).
And his name shall be Bob.
Why Bob: 1) it's a family inside joke to name things Bob. 2) I want Jasmine to get used to names and words. For instance, if I tell Lulu to go get Fozzie, or her whale, or platypus, if she's in the mood to play she goes and gets that toy. So we're starting with something with one syllable that we all can remember: Bob!

Do your pets have names for their toys? Tell us below!