Wednesday, April 18, 2018

No "thicc" beagles! 5 reasons obese dogs are not cute

When did thick lose it's "K" and become "thicc?"

Social media dog communities like Dogspotting seemed to have gained their own language when it comes to pups. Some of it is fun (I LIKE saying doggo!), and some of it is worrisome.

Because when I see someone posting about an adorbs "thicc" pup, especially a beagle, it's meant as a term of endearment. There are whole Facebook groups where people post pics of "Thicc" pups.

I'm here to tell you that, for the most part, a "thicc" beagle is not a cute beagle. It's a beagle with a serious health problem, and we should treat it as such.

Thicc beagles are not cute. They need help.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

We disavow any knowledge of this dog toy: Puppy picture of the week

Jasmine rarely lets me see her play. I'll often catch her running with a toy in her mouth, and then when she sees me she puts it down and looks away, like it never happened.

Which is preferable to the other thing she will do with her toys, which is guard them at random moments. And woe to the person who gets close to them.

So this means I almost never see Jasmine play. But I know she does, because I find her toys all over my room when I come home from work. And they are definitely hers.

Today, this is where I found her Albert Einstein -- face down on my pillow.

And when I called Jazzy over to take the picture, she acted like she'd never seen it in her life!

TELL US BELOW: What do you think Jasmine and Einstein were up to while I was gone? What strange places do you find your dogs' toys?

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Don't put the Easter eggs away! A nosework hunt for dogs

Hope you had a great Easter holiday! Did you do an Easter Egg Hunt? Well don't put those eggs away yet! We have a great activity that will help you get Easter going all year long, sponsored by Einstein Pets.

DISCLOSURE: Life With Beagle did not receive compensation for this post, and all thoughts are my own.