Awesome Coupaw Deals this week

Every week I'll post some cool recommended Coupaw deals here for you to check out.

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Here's my favorite of the current deals:

These antlers come in various sizes (including jumbo) and they are all made in the USA. The prices start at $6.50. This deal only lasts for another 4 days.

Get one or a pack of two Nerf Dog tug toys. The toys extend up to 15 inches. Prices start at $9.99. This deal is only good for the next 4 days.

These Primal treats are good for both cats and dogs. It's made of certified organic chicken, and has no grains, gluten or preservatives. You can get a 6 oz. pack or a 12 oz. pack. This deal is only good for the next 5 days.

This company takes pictures of your pet and use them to create a little figurine of your dog! The figure is 4 inches, and will do the work. Price is $45, normally $119. This deal only lasts for another 5 days.

There are a ton of other great deals, so head to and check them out! And don't forget, free shipping on everything!

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