Diary of Lulu in a Thundershirt

Lulu is in training and we are trying to deal with her issues. But my trainer let me borrow a Thundershirt for a week, and we are going to try it out and see if it helps.
What is a Thundershirt? The idea is to wrap the shirt around the dog, kind of like swaddling an infant. It's supposed to help the dog be less anxious, particularly by noise (like thunder. Hence the name).

While it does work for some pets (my trainer loves them), it doesn't work for all of them. Hence, the test.

So for the next week, Lulu and I are going to explore the Thundershirt, and see if it works for her. You can follow along below:

Disclaimer: I am borrowing a Thundershirt from my trainer. I am getting nothing from Thundershirt.

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