Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dog TV: Does it work? Lulu the beagle gives it a try

Whew! Moving is over. Lulu and I have spent the last week transferring all my stuff to a smaller apartment.

Lulu did not enjoy it. But she's feeling more at home now.

Right before Lulu and I moved though, we decided to check something out. It's called DogTV, and it's being billed as the first cable channel exclusively for dogs. It says it's specially-designed to appeal to them. They show short videos of things like dogs playing together, running through corn fields, that sort of thing.

Right now it's only available in California, but it's also online. Check out one of the videos here:

I do have pictures of Lulu watching the videos -- but I haven't found the cable to my other camera yet.  As soon as I find it I'll add pictures.

I played several videos for her on the laptop, putting the laptop down at her level. She watched for maybe a minute, and then went off to do something else.

Now, I knew Lulu wasn't big on TV. She certainly doesn't watch Animal Planet. And my friends left Telemundo on for her once ("don't you want your dog to be bilingual?" they said.). But DogTV says these videos are specially designed so that dogs can enjoy them better.

Coincidentally, the New York Times did an article this week on DogTV. It had some good information on how this can be used to help dogs with anxiety issues -- if the dogs are interested in paying attention. Not every dog will.

Some of the videos on DogTV have things like muted door bells going off and muted vacuum cleaners doing their thing. Experts in the NY Times article say that could help dogs ease their fear and anxiety from those items and the noises they make. Wonder if DogTV will consider muted lawn mowers, because Lulu really doesn't like those.

Check out the NY Times article here. The first ten articles are free each month.

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