Monday, September 17, 2012

Frankenweenie comes out next month -- Turn your pet into a monster!

Disney's "Frankenweenie" comes out in theaters October 5. The Tim Burton movie is based off Burton's own short film.

To promote the movie, Disney's "Frankenweenie" website gives viewers the chance to "Frankenweenie-fy" their pets.

I admit I was a little taken back by the idea. Knowing the plot of the movie, the concept kind of bothers me. The movie is about a boy who loses his pet dog, then brings him back to life. However, I have to admit, this was fun.

Go to the "Frankenweenie" website, click on the main link, and it will take you to the Facebook app (you don't have to be on Facebook to use it). You upload a picture of your dog. Here's the one I chose:

The picture comes up in black and white. Take away the background, add items like crazy eyes, horns, even wings, then choose a new background.

And, here is Lulustein!!!

Again, "Frankenweenie" comes Oct. 5. Check out the website and "monsterize" your pet!


  1. Hi - I guess that meanz that I wood b Shilohenweenie an’my little sis wood b The Diva Shasta’enweenie or sumthin'like that (she thinkz she’z all that an’then sum BUTT we’all know better) Bet our mom will want tue check out that Frankenweenie change thing fur us cuz she iz always callin’us her little monsterz.

    Lulu iza cute little monster. So happy tue meet u'all - bloggin'iz way more fun with furrendz an'their family.
    Shiloh'enweenie an'The Diva Shasta’enweenie

    1. Hee hee! I want to see your spooky transformations!


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