Monday, April 29, 2013

Animal testing: The products in your home that test on animals

As you know, I am working to switch over to more cruelty-free products over the next month.

What does cruelty-free mean? It means products that are not tested on animals. Not just animal products, but human products as well. Beagles, rabbits, mice, etc. All animals often used in product testing.

A beagle used in testing by AstraZeneca drug company. (Photo/ Beagle Freedom Project)
I thought it was important to tell you what products DO test on animals. These are all products I have found in my home. I am using the lists from The Vegetarian Site and the PETA list to determine if they are cruelty free.

Arm & Hammer carpet cleaner spray (Church and Dwight)
Crest toothpaste (Procter and Gamble)
Fantastik (SC Johnson)
Febreze (Procter and Gamble)
Glad bags (Clorox)
Glade Plug-ins (SC Johnson)
Head & Shoulders (Procter and Gamble)
Lysol (Reckitt Benckiser)
MAC Cosmetics (Estee Lauder)
Mr. Clean (Procter and Gamble)
Origins (Estee Lauder) **
Purex (Dial)
Raid (SC Johnson)
Sally Hansen
Secret (Procter and Gamble)
Shout (SC Johnson)
Suave (Unilever)
Vicks (Procter and Gamble)

** Origins is an issue we hope to come back to in a future post. They say they are cruelty-free. We'll explain why many groups are not so sure.

Do you have these products in your home? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Lord knows it is not easy, and I don't expect to succeed in going completely cruelty free myself.

But can I challenge you to try and change out at least some of your products? If enough people do so, we can send a message to those companies.

Here are some websites that list cruelty-free products, and watch this blog as we look for products in regular stores that fit the cruelty-free bill.

PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies List
The Vegetarian Site


  1. I think it's a very cool thing that you are doing! I'm surprised at some of the things that are tested on animals on the list... like glad bags and kleenex? I don't see why you'd need to test a sandwich baggy on an animal? Very interesting.

  2. And it frightens me to think how they test those items too!

  3. Not one of those on your list is in our
    apt. It's easier today to get organic cleaning products. Animal cruelty is sooooo wrong!We can make a difference!

  4. Thanks for the list! If only more people were aware of how the items they use are tested...

  5. I just read 5min. ago that Suave (UniLever) no longer uses any animals in testing their products!!! :)


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