Sunday, April 14, 2013

MEMES: Lulu now on

A couple weeks ago I told everyone I was determined to turn Lulu into the next Grumpy Cat.

We got some great suggestions from folks for other captions. Here are some of them:

Thanks to Carma Poodale Allen for this.

This is from Ann from Pawsitively Pets.
And we got two from a reader called "ONoYouDont:"

Want to make you own? Head to and use the Builder. The photo can be found under my blog name, lifewithbeagle!


  1. How cool that you went to use Cheezburger! It's lots of fun, plus I guess if you have a really good one it can be one of the "famous" ones lol...

  2. The second caption is my favorite.
    Oh this dog needs more than 2 pillows and he doesn't have an extra.

  3. Nice job wiuth these...I t hink I like the second one best

  4. OH NOES! DID LULU EAT GRUMPY CAT?!? I sure hope so.


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