Friday, May 9, 2014

VIDEO: 5 things pet moms want for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Do you have kids at home (the two-legged, non-furry kind)? If you're like me and you only have the furry kind, I think you deserve a little Mother's Day love.

Hey Galadriel? What did you get Mom for Mother's Day?
But what does that mean? If you live with someone, there better be a day off from doing pet chores!

  1.  Someone to pick up the poop (I still want to walk Lulu, I just want someone to come up behind me with the poop bags).
  2. Someone to feed the pets. There's a lot bending down and picking up and I don't like how canned food smells.
  3. Clean the cat pan before I wake up. I want to wake up to a fresh smelling pan!
  4. Wash the dog! Nothing like a clean doggy.
  5. Day off from the rest of the chores so I can sit and enjoy my pets.
My cute and august presence isn't enough?
But I don't live with someone. So I was thinking of what I want for Mother's Day. Here's 5 things I want from Lulu and Galadriel:

  1. Try not to jump in any mud puddles or roll in any dirt, Lulu.
  2. Galadriel -- stop being a messy eater -- and a messy litter box user.
  3. Lulu, stop picking up stray items on our walk -- especially food!
  4. Galadriel, please stop clawing the new couch.
  5. And both of you -- be prepared for lots of love when I get home from BlogPaws.
You know what I want? My Mom to come home from BlogPaws!
I know this is kind of small thinking, but it's a starting point. So, what do you want for Mother's Day from your pets? I asked some pet bloggers that very question! See what they said, then tell me what you want below.


  1. A day off would be nice. But the only thing I really want, for any special occasion or any day of the year is always the same - healthy dogs. God knows I've had enough health challenges to deal with to last me for the rest of my life.

  2. I love this! J is taking care of the dogs while I'm away so I guess that's my Dog Mom's day. I will be appreciative. What I'd really like is a huge piece of cheesecake.

  3. Love this! I would also like someone to pick up the poop for me ;)

  4. Thanks so much for including us! Love it!

  5. What a GREAT POST and BRILLIANTLY FUN idea!!!! Thanks so much for including me!! I look awful but it sure was fun!!!! Glad you are home safe and sound, it was great seeing you! xoxo

  6. Aw, I think most pet moms just want to spend extra quality time with their pets!


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