Friday, May 23, 2014

Caturday: The new dog in the house

Editor's Note: Keep reading to find out the winners in the Lulu's Favorite Things campaign so far.

Hello all, Galadriel here, and I'm NOT happy.

Servant brought a new beast into the house.

Servant calls her... Jazzzmeen or Yasmine or some such. (ED. It's Jasmine) For the sake of sanity, she will now be known as Beast #2.

 Servant said Beast #2 comes from the Servant's parents, who could not care for her. Servant has a little human who comes over sometimes, and this beast is belongs to Servant's little human.

What is she? I don't know, besides a terror. She's pushy, and hyper.

She gets Beast #1 all hyper too, and look what they do together! And they don't just do it outside, they do it in the house too.

I have been on the attack though. She doesn't just get by.

Servant caught me stopping Jasmine from getting into the living room. I have done this with Lulu before. I can be very, very intimidating.

And here I am making Beast #2 know she can't just walk past me without my permission.

However, Beast #2 is starting to fight back. We have gotten into it, usually when I try to get close to Servant. She usually defends me from Beast #2. Then I go to my safe spot, which is the bathroom. that's where all my stuff is. No one bothers me there.

And no one bothers me outside on the patio either.

Servant says she will get Beast #2 trained. But until then, I may just live outside. I feel so natural out there... so alive!

TELL US: What's your multi-pet household story? How did your pets get to know each other? Are they all friends.

WINNERS: Lulu's Favorite Things giveaway!

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  • GoDog Giveaway: The winner of the two goDog toys is Savanah Rae.
  • Jones Natural Chews giveaway: The winner of the variety bag is Lisa F.
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  1. YAY for the new addition!! Ohhh you know we have a cat and a dog and they are the BEST of furiends!

  2. Hahaha! You are funny Galadriel.Please bear with the newcomer dear. Jasmine will soon be your friend too :-) and yes you are right, she will need training from Beast #1.

  3. Oh my, I watched the video and hope you were nowhere near the running of the dogs! I hope you can all become friends in the near future.


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