Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: His name is Bob the monkey

This is my new toy. Aunt Christie got it for me at the pet garage sale.
I will love him, and squeeze him (with my teeth).
And his name shall be Bob.
Why Bob: 1) it's a family inside joke to name things Bob. 2) I want Jasmine to get used to names and words. For instance, if I tell Lulu to go get Fozzie, or her whale, or platypus, if she's in the mood to play she goes and gets that toy. So we're starting with something with one syllable that we all can remember: Bob!

Do your pets have names for their toys? Tell us below!


  1. Some of them do seem to end up with odd names.

  2. A PAWsome idea n a name for monkey toy. Woofs to your BOB monkey. Happy BlogPaws WW. Golden Woofs

  3. We've always been drawn to monkey toys too. Our latest is an orangutan.

  4. I have a monkey toy and he is one of my favorites. His name isn't Bob though...actually he doesn't have a name. We just call him monkey. Happy WW

  5. Haymitch has a green monkey named monkayy (growly voice) and a gorilla named magilla. Actually all of their toys have names. :)


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