Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Global Pet Expo: Photos and observations

Last week I posted pictures from the first day of Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

Then things happened, and I ran out of time.

So here's a wrap-up of the expo.

But first, some observations:
  • There's an emphasis among some of the biggest food companies for more exotic meat. But with that is another issue -- the meat is not sourced in the U.S. But the good news is none of it is in China.
  • The tech trend continues. This year we're seeing more activity trackers -- FitBits for dogs. One in particular even checks the dog's vitals. 
  • Beds are getting fancier. How about a bed with a washable insert, or a bed with folders for those who love to dig? Or a bed that is self-warming!
  • More and more companies are also looking at pet safety. From lights to glow in the dark leashes, there's loads of products coming out to make sure you can see pets in the dark.
 And now, pictures!

Thursday, Lulu's visit!
New formulas from Merrick Pet Food: BackCountry and Limited Ingredient Diets.
A highlight of Lulu's day: The treat bins.
Just one of the new treats from Zuke's.
Insect Shield has released a line of products coated to protect pets from bugs, including blankets, shirts and even beds.
Lulu and one of her favorite toy companies, Quaker Pet Group.
Lulu meets Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy!
Popware Snack Duos for your pet!
Lulu poolside at the Purina reception.
BlogPaws chief Chloe DeVita with Lulu.
Cool doggy toys from Haute Diggity Dog.
Because dogs should have a bed as comfortable as yours!
Geeky products for your dog, including Star Trek and Adventure Time!


  1. My mom needs to go. Maybe next year, but it is a bad time of year to be gone at her real job. Such great stuff to see!

  2. Wish this was just a car ride away! Looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!

  3. The other problem with companies using unusual proteins in food and treats is that it greatly limits the options for "novel" proteins when veterinarians are trying to help pets with food allergies.

  4. Serta dog it. Thanks for the summary and pics.

  5. Some of those beds are fancier than mine! Love that photo of Lulu at the Purina reception. She certainly looks relaxed!

  6. It was great to meet you there, wasn't it such a great expo?!

  7. So cool that Lulu got to go and what great products! I hope you met our pals at Bobbi Panter Pet Products! Love Dolly

  8. WOW! Looks like there was tons of things to see there.

  9. You did a great job documenting all the things to see. I feel like I was there!

  10. YOU MET JACKSON GALAXY!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Totally awesome! Great pictures. I'm sort of ho hum about cutesy things (toys, warmed beds) but gung ho for pet safety. I'm a big proponent of pets and people wearing lights on night walks and want to hear more. Can't wait to see you at BlogPaws.

  11. Mom is jealous that you got to meet Jackson Galaxy!! She is DYING to meet him!


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