Monday, May 18, 2015

Serta pet beds: Your dogs may not want to share REVIEW *SPONSORED*

Branded Pet Beds is a proud sponsor of Life With Beagle and Lulu's Favorite Things, our annual fundraising campaign for Harbor House of Central Florida. Although we received compensation for the post, my opinions are my own -- and so are Lulu's. 

I am lying on a dog bed.

That's because while I have this wonderful Serta Quilted Pillow Top dog bed from Branded Pet Beds, my dogs don't seem to want to share it.

In fact, they have made it clear to each other that this bed isn't big enough for both of them. Even though it is.

Branded Pet Beds sells the Serta bed line, and it's really amazing.

Branded Pet Beds was kind enough to send me the Serta Quilted Pillow Top with its cool twist memory foam (that's the blue layer on top). It's great for these Florida spring nights. When the dogs come inside they can relax comfortably because the special memory foam draws out heat.

But the best part is the be is firm yet cushy and retains its shape. My morbidly obese body laid on that bed with Lulu, and I could easily get up and the bed didn't move or sink.

The cover is so soft. It zips on and off for easy washing, but it is also good with spot cleaning. Jasmine coughed up something, and after a couple of days I decided to clean it off. Take a look below:

It cleaned up nice and easy with some pet stain remover.

Serta has a few different bed options. Their newest (and they say the best), is the Serta Sleeper Sofa dog bed. It has a built-in backrest. Now in my opinion the couch is great if you have a dog with arthritis or back problems (and beagles are prone to them).

I think the backrest adds an extra measure of comfort. We've all seen pets in pain struggling to get comfortable on regular cushy beds. This bed definitely has the firmness necessary to help a pet who wants to be comfortable but also properly supported.

And it's very popular. In fact, they couldn't give one to me at the time I got my bed because they were sold out at the time!

See, Lulu wants the whole bed, even though there's room for Jasmine.
And here's another great reason to buy a Serta bed from Branded Pet Beds. A portion of every purchase goes to Pets for Vets, a charity that matches up shelter pets with veterans and helps train them to be therapy dogs.  That's as long as you shop on the Serta website.

And if that's not enough, here's another incentive to get you to buy a bed -- a special coupon code!
Just head to Serta Pet Beds, pick the bed you want and use this coupon code (Lulu20) to get 20 percent off.

So that's 20 percent for you... and some for Pets for Vets. That's pretty awesome!

Special thanks to Serta and Branded Pet Beds. Part of the proceeds of this post goes to Harbor House of Central Florida for their Paws for Peace Kennel, a safe place for the pets for domestic abuse victims in Orlando, Florida.

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