Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deck the Dog House like Snoopy! Celebrate the holidays, win prizes

UPDATE: We are pushing the deadline back two days to give everyone some more time to get their entries in!

Last year we asked people to decorate their pet's living space and send us pics. We then gave out two amazing products from Hallmark. We called it Deck the Dog House.

We were amazed at how much people like it. We got 21 entries! 

So we're bringing it back! And this time we have more prizes!
We ate celebrating Christmas with our pets!

Enter the Deck the Dog House decorating contest now through December 15!

Deck the Dog House was inspired by our favorite cartoon dog, Snoopy, from A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Take a look at all of the amazing entries we got last year in this post HERE. But here's also some of our most popular entries from last year.

First, our winners: Hayward and Kolchak!

And here are some more great entries from last year, just to give you a taste of what we're looking for.


Living space: What's your pet's special spot? A crate, a dog house, a bed, their favorite chair, a window sill, a cat condo, a cage, a tank, a coop, a barn, you name it! Give their favorite spot to chill out a holiday touch. We know not every pet has a special spot in the house -- they think the whole house is theirs. So just do your best and get creative. Just remember -- your pet's decorated surroundings are what we're looking for. We're not as interested in seeing just a decorated pet.

What holiday? What do you celebrate? We will give more credence to the winter holidays (so no Easter decorations!), but if you don't celebrate Christmas, that's cool! Decorate for the holiday you celebrate.

Creativity? We love creativity! The more creative, the better. If you go with a theme though, let us know what it is with your entry.

So creativity will be a factor in the judging process, as well as how close you can get to the basic concept of the contest.

Who can enter? This year, everyone has a chance. We have prizes for people who live outside the US. They are indicated below.

How do I enter? Lots of ways!
We also need the following info with ALL ENTRIES:
  • Name
  • Pet's name
  • What kind of pet (pet doesn't necessarily have to be present in the pic)
  • Theme (if applicable)
  • Home state/country
Why so early? What about Thanksgiving? We know a lot of people suffer from Christmas burnout by December. However, we have to get the winning entries to our sponsors so they can get the prizes out in time. 

All entries due Dec. 15!


We know this is what you really care about, so here goes:

From Hallmark

 Prize for Dogs: 
  • Christmas boxed cards in a Snoopy doghouse box
  • Snoopy Flying Ace Keepsake Ornament 
  • Snoopy doghouse notes
Prize for other pets:
  • Christmas boxed cards with Snoopy on doghouse 
  • Snoopy doghouse Keepsake Ornament 
From Lionel Trains

From Fetch for Pets (Available to all)

Prize for small dogs: 2 Peanuts Snoopy stuffed toys 
Prize for big dogs: 2 Peanuts Snoopy stuffed toys

(These are the same Snoopy toys they sell at PetSmart)

From The Peanuts Movie (20th Century Fox)
Two (2) Prize packs including a Charlie Brown hat and two mini -movie posters. (Charlie Brown tree not included)

1 international-only entry prize:
1 $20 online Amazon gift card

So, good luck, and happy decorating!!


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