Thursday, November 30, 2017

Countdown to Christmas Day 2: Scents of the season with One Fur All!

We're counting down to Christmas!

Every Tuesday and Thursday we're unwrapping a new giveaway for dogs and the humans who love them!

On Tuesday we unwrapped the "Beagles Go Around the World" coloring book!

And today, we have another great gift for dog lovers!
One Fur All wax melts help dog lovers keep their house smelling great.

DISCLOSURE: All prizes and review samples in Lulu's Countdown to Christmas Giveaway were provided for free, but no other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

One Fur All Wax Melts help keep your house from smelling like dog!

I mean, maybe you like that doggy smell...

But everyone once in a while, you want your house to smell -- I dunno, a little less funky.

One Fur All scent products are made in Florida.
One Fur All makes candles, wax melts, car fresheners and other scent products, all with pet scent neutralizers. 

The candles are soy-based and dye free. They have no paraffins or petroleum byproducts. They're also allergen free.

The Pet House wax melts last for weeks and come in a variety of scents. I personally like fruity and holiday-themed scents (like pumpkin spice! Nom nom nom!).

One Fur All candles and wax melts come in a variety of scents.
A selection of wax melts, from Global Pet Expo in Orlando earlier this year.
The company is based in Florida, and all their products are made in the USA. 

How good are they?

Last September, after Hurricane Irma hit, I was without power for 10 days. When the power came back on, I learned quickly just how bad the smell from my fridge was (blegh!). 

With a little help from One Fur All, and baking soda, I was able to neutralize the smell throughout the house.

Favorite product: Pet House Wax Melts

The candles come in jars and are reuseable. They also have car fresheners. But I prefer the wax melts. All you need is a warmer, which are sold everywhere, and you can pop out a piece of the melt and use it. 

A One Fur All wax melt with my Scentsy warmer.
I use the One Fur All wax melts with my Scentsy warmer.
If you want to change out the scent, you just pop the wax out, make sure the dish is clean and use a fresh piece.

One Fur All products can be found at boutique stores around the country, on Amazon and on the One Fur All website.

But here is how you can win two One Fur All wax melts for yourself!

Enter this randomizer widget! Tell us what your favorite holiday scents are in the comments below. You can find additional entry opportunities in the widget as well.

The giveaway ends Dec. 8. Good luck!
Lulu's Countdown to Christmas Day 2: One Fur All wax melts


  1. I rotate through several scents throughout the year. Blue scents are good for spring and summer, and I tend to go more woodsey or fall-type scents for, of course, fall. During winter I will use some pine scents, but the main one I use is apple cinnamon.

  2. I love any kind of baked food scents that make my home smell like a home!

  3. Love pumpkin spice and crème brulee scented everything!!

  4. I love scents like pine,bayberry,or peppermint best.

  5. I really like the sugar cookie scents around Christmas. Thanks!


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