Monday, January 8, 2018

GoDog toys are for tough chewers GIVEAWAY: Countdown to Christmas 2018

Happy New Year!

In December, I hosted a giveaway called Lulu's Countdown to Christmas.

I had promised giveaways from big companies.

I didn't deliver all those giveaways, and for that, I am sorry.

December 2017 ended up being the last month of my cat, Galadriel's life, and I became pre-occupied with her care. I tried to keep up with these posts but did a poor job of it. Serves me right for biting off more than I can chew!

But I owe you (and the companies I worked with) a couple more of these giveaways! So lets just start the countdown to Christmas in 2018, shall we?

Our first giveaway is a great product from one of our longtime supporters. We'll know you'll love it because Lulu and Jasmine do!

DISCLOSURE: All prizes and review samples in Lulu's Countdown to Christmas Giveaway were provided for free, but no other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.
GoDog toys designed to withstand the toughest chewers

Worldwise's GoDog products are great for dogs who get a little rough with their toys. I would say almost everyone I know who ever got a GoDog toy for their dog came away impressed with their longevity.

GoDog toys make great gifts for your dog all year long.
No, I really did take this in December. But yes, my Christmas tree is still up.
Lulu and Jasmine are fond of small plush toys. They both like to carry their toys around when they are playing with them, and they also have rather small mouths. I used to buy medium toys, but I realized they were gravitating towards their smaller toys and switched to those. 

Fortunately GoDog has toys in different sizes, including a "Just for Me" line for little dogs. 

GoDog Dragons in small and large sizes, by Worldwise.
These are the small and large Dragons by GoDog. You can tell the difference just in the size of their head.
GoDog's CHEW GUARD technology adds an extra layer of durable fabric to each toy. This lining is meant to make it harder for dogs to tear holes out of the toy.

GoDog toys have a durable fabric liner, along with double stitched seams to reinforce the toys.
A closer look at the stitching on a GoDog dragon toy.
GoDog toys also are double stitched to reinforce the toy's steams, so it's harder to rip them open.

Now, GoDog even says on their website that no toy is perfect. But GoDog says it will replace any of its toys within 30 days of purchase if the toy does not outlast any standard plush toy your dog destroys. You can go to this page to get a replacement.

I will say that in the five-six years of having Lulu, and then Jasmine, neither have managed to destroy or even rip a hole in a GoDog. I know my parents' dogs Buster and Reagan are pretty aggressive chewers as well, and to my knowledge neither of them have put a hole in a new (or relatively new) GoDog toy. 

Of course, anecdotal evidence isn't proof. And if your dog has managed to destroy a GoDog toy, please feel free to share your personal review below. 

Anyway, GoDog toys now comes in a wide array of creatures. They include dragons in a range of colors, amphibians, fuzz ballschickens and other birds, squirrels and other furry critters, monkeys, dinosaurs, lambs and more. You can get them plushy or flat. 

And if you are not into plush toys, GoDog now makes Rhinoplay foam toys and Retrieval toys too.

You can find them at Petco and other big pet stores, at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls, at Old Time Pottery, at boutique pet stores and on Amazon.

Now -- lets enter to win some!

Worldwise is giving away GoDog plush toys in the size you need. Be sure to fill out the randomizer widget below to enter.

There are two mandatory entries -- visiting the GoDog website, and commenting below with what are your dog's favorite toys!

Contest open to residents of the United States, must be 18 years or older. Shipping address cannot be a PO Box.

Giveaway will run from Jan. 8, 2018 through Jan. 18, 2018 at 11:59pm PST. One (1) winner will receive GoDog toys in a size of their choice. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize.
Countdown to Christmas 2018: Win a GoDog for your pup


  1. I am so sorry you lost Galadriel. It is so hard to lose a furbaby anytime but at Christmas - a time that is suppose to be filled with joy and happiness - I can only imagine the intense sorrow you felt.

    I would love to win one of those GoDog toys. I have found out the hard way that Miss Maizie, my juvenile delinquent, loves to de-stuff her toys but I hate finding that stuffing all over my floors and the squeaker in her mouth so we have gone to those flat toys that have no stuffing.
    And she also seems to favor bright colors so GoDog fits that too.
    Mom Kim

  2. My pup's favorite toy is his Pig chew toy. He plays with it daily.

  3. Oh and favorite toy for Miss Maizie - anything she can shake or toss or those she can hit me with when shaking it - honest, the more I get hit then the more she shakes it til I say stop.

    Lady Shasta has reached the age where she does not care much at all for toys.

  4. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and each has a favorite - plush - toy. For my Kenji, he likes a stuffed hedgehog plush that I've had to sew up many times since he got it. My other boy, Seiji, is addicted to the plush dog and cat (and this year even a rabbit) that PetSmart sells every holiday season. They are his babies and he will actually go and get one if you tell him to get his baby. He plays with others, but those are his favorites. My Coonhound girl, Megumi, has only been part of the family for one month. She's 11 months old and full of energy. She loves a plush fox (with two different squeakers) and a big loofa dog that also has two different squeakers. They are all very rough on their toys - especially the plush ones

  5. She has her favorite hedgehog named Muffy. He has earmuffs

  6. My dogs love their GoDog dragons! I think we have one of each size, color, and even ones with Santa hats!

  7. My dog's favorite thing to do is de-stuff toys. We frequently have "indoor snow".

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss! I haven't heard of this brand before, but it sounds like it would be perfect for Theo. He is pretty small, loves plush toys, and destroys most of them in less than 20 minutes.

  9. his favorite toy is the fur material he ripped off the fur covered ball he got - it's ripped to shreds, but he'll toss it to you to throw regardless...while the plastic ball lays in the corner :)

  10. my youngest likes any fuzzy/soft toy that makes any type of noise. the other gal likes the small toys that are soft and fuzzy. we have a few of the small gotoys, the dragon, but the tails are gone now. also have a fuzzball that is on it's last leg.

  11. i am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, Galadriel. i completely understand. after my baby passed away in aug. i stayed in bed for the wkend. i still have my days and nights where i will just cry and pray that i gave her the best i could.

  12. my dog loves anything with a squeaker!

  13. My dog loves stuffed toys, her favorite is a hedgehog

  14. I am very sorry to hear about Galadriel. It's never easy to lose a pet but the holiday times are especially rough.
    Mr. N has a polar bear toy he loves.

  15. My one dog loves to play fetch, so balls are his favorite...or other things that fly nicely. :)

  16. My dogs have a fluffy ball with a squeaker that they love.

  17. The crew has a good variety that they like, but balls are a big favorite around here. Luke loves the one ball he has that squeaks! He's had other squeaky balls that he could destroy, so tough toys are important around here.

  18. My dogs love playing with stuffed toys along with puzzles.

  19. My dog Artie's favorite toys are balls. Any type of ball makes Artie happy.

  20. She has a set of keys that she considers her toy. She carries them everywhere.

  21. She's a soft Frisbee kind-a girl.

  22. I know it sounds strange, but she can't turn down a good piece of cardboard. She loves to "recycle!"


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