Tuesday, April 3, 2018

We disavow any knowledge of this dog toy: Puppy picture of the week

Jasmine rarely lets me see her play. I'll often catch her running with a toy in her mouth, and then when she sees me she puts it down and looks away, like it never happened.

Which is preferable to the other thing she will do with her toys, which is guard them at random moments. And woe to the person who gets close to them.

So this means I almost never see Jasmine play. But I know she does, because I find her toys all over my room when I come home from work. And they are definitely hers.

Today, this is where I found her Albert Einstein -- face down on my pillow.

And when I called Jazzy over to take the picture, she acted like she'd never seen it in her life!

TELL US BELOW: What do you think Jasmine and Einstein were up to while I was gone? What strange places do you find your dogs' toys?

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  1. I think Jasmine doesn't want you to know what she's been up too lol! My dogs don't really hide their toys, but I always seem to find them under my foot - especially the teething chew bones!

  2. Ours claim to have given up stuffies but I find them scattered through the house.

  3. Chuckling here as Layla has loads of toys and maybe plays with a few BUT she loves hiding her bully sticks not toys in my pillow cases on my bed or in the bed

  4. Aww Jasmine is too cute. "Nope nothing to see here!" I never had a dog however I did have cats. They never had issues with me watching them play with their toys however I know what you mean about finding toys in odd places around the house. EVIDENCE! LOL Maybe Jasmine likes playtime but just without an audience. ;)

  5. That is too funny! I wish Link would learn to play on his own a little! I spend 2 hours a day at least playing with him. I love our playtime, don't get me wrong but he is DEMANDING! BOL - then again he is only 2 so he has tons of puppy power and energy to spare.
    I think your Jasmine is adorable and I imagine she and her toys are playing out some grand scale movie like event during their play time. Something mom surely could not comprehend so she keeps it to herself. Perhaps she is embarrassed to let you in on the plot.
    Our toys end up in literal SHREDS all over the house.
    I am STILL looking for that indestructible toy Link simply can not shred in a matter of minutes!

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  7. She doesn't like you seeing her play? Jasmine this is plain silly! What a silly dog you are Mum could be such a fantastic playmate for you and make life even busier than it is!

  8. That's so funny how she doesn't want you to witness that she plays with toys. Our dogs don't hide their toys, they are just strewn around the house.

  9. I usually find Lexy's toys all over my room, especially in the morning. She likes to bring me gifts all night.

  10. Mr. N isn't shy about playing with his toys. They're usually just underfoot but I've caught him packing his toys when we have suitcases out for a trip.

  11. It's so much fun to hear about each dog's personality and behaviors! Happy-Go-Doodle is a ball dog through and through! So she's all about bringing a ball to me and dropping it in plain sight at my feet. No hiding toys here! BTW...Jasmine is adorable!

  12. Looks like she's trying to hide the evidence. It's so funny that she doesn't want you to see her play! What happens if you throw a ball or a toy?

    1. She won't go after it! She looks away.

  13. Oh, so funny. Jasmine is one smart puppy...must have gotten that from Einstein.


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