Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doggy Meetup? Getting dogs (and their owners) together in Orlando

I went to my first Tweetup last month at Crave in Orlando. It was fun. I enjoyed finally talking to people I've only ever seen on Twitter. And I decided I wanted to do it again -- but this time I want to bring Lulu, since she really is the star of this blog.

And she knows it.

Anyway, I've looked for dog meetups in Orlando on, and I haven't found any. No real puppy playgroups, no breed-specific groups, nothing. Could it be we're all too busy?

Well, I want Lulu to meet some dogs she can see on a regular basis. And if there's one thing I've learned about becoming a dog owner, it makes you more social. Maybe we have to commiserate more than cat owners?

So I'd like to set a doggy tweetup for the fall, assuming my schedule is conducive. I'd set it at a park -- likely in Orange County. Barber Park is very nice:

It's more centralized, and a really nice park. I think I would have to ask Orange County for permission to use it at an event though, right? And of course the problem with all these parks is that they are broken up between small and big dogs. I would consider Fleet Peeples Park in Winter Park, which isn't, but I've never been there and I don't really want to deal with the city.

Any local people have any suggestions, or experience in doing this?


  1. I'm in Michigan but I am going to tweet this and share it on my Dakota's Den Fan page on Facebook and see if that will help you!

  2. Thanks! We'll see what happens. If you ever have the chance to come to Florida, let me know. Would love to hook up!


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